5 things Ive learned about Dalmatians

5 things Ive learned about Dalmatians

Posted 2015-05-27 by Erin Jadefollow
Have you ever thought about owning a Dalmatian? Here are some things to think about before you make your decision, based on my own personal experience with three of them in my home!
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1. Black will never be a part of your wardrobe

Unless you want to go out every day looking like a lamington. You will have white hair on your clothes, your carpet and anything else in your house. It is IMPOSSIBLE to stop it spreading and it is one of the hardest hairs to be vacuumed up as while it is short, it will hang on to the fibres in your rug or clothes for dear life and you will spend a bomb on a vacuum cleaner to make your house look respectable.

2. They frighten people by smiling

When they smile they look like they are going to bite, when in actual fact they are begging for a cuddle. They also tend to snort and occasionally have sneezing fits from doing this. In fact, it's rather funny.

3. They can be exceptional guard dogs.

They will protect your family without a second thought and without looking "mean." They have a great low bark great for deterring unwanted visitors and will stand their ground if you or your family are feeling threatened.

4. They are amazing with children

If given appropriate training to be calm around them they create special bonds with children. My dalmatian Cooper has been in love with both my boys from the day I brought each of them home. He would follow them everywhere, let them grab him, sit on him and he would be unbelievably still and tolerable. He would cry when they cried and clean their faces and feet ( until I came in and told him I'd prefer to use a face washer cloth!)

5. They need a lot of exercise

Dalmatians were originally bred to run behind horse carriages and guard them overnight. This means they could run in excess of 20km a day. They also love water and so wearing them out in a pool or the surf is a great if you aren't up to doing a daily marathon.


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