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We all strive to do the best we can in business, in family and in life. Sometimes things can tip too far one way but if you own a pooch, you are probably balancing the scales.

Here the top four reasons why owning a dog helps you balance your life:

• They make you healthy and happy
• They help you be part of your community
• You get that 30 minutes of daily exercise
• They are a great buddy for your kids

Healthy and happy

If you own a dog, you know that it is hard for a day (or an hour) to go past where they don’t make you smile or laugh. That cute little wag of the tail, the rolling onto their back to get their tummy scratched or even when they’ve chewed your favourite shoes, you can’t help but burst into laughter (maybe not so much when they chew your shoes!)

It has been proven that dog ownership is good for your overall health, reducing blood pressure and the likelihood of stroke. Research also suggests that those owning a dog recover more quickly from severe health issues. This is good news for those of us lucky enough to own a pet but not everyone is as fortunate.

The Delta Society runs a volunteer program to take pooches to over 500 hospitals and care facilities around Australia. This brings joy to those that are sick or infirm and provides interaction that has been scientifically proven to have physical, social, cognitive and emotional benefits.

Hint: Check out Delta Society and see if you can lend a helping hand.

Being part of the community

Getting out and taking your pooch for a walk gets you talking to people in your community. No matter what time you walk the dog, there always seems to be other dog lovers in the park. It is far more likely that those walking their dogs will stop and chat to each other than those without a dog. It is amazing what sense of community is created once you get to know neighbours in your local area.

Hint: Talk to someone in the park. You’ll be surprised whom you meet!

Getting that 30 minutes of daily exercise

It is drummed into us that all it takes is 30 minutes of exercise a day to shed those pounds. So the best way to make that routine a daily one is walking the pooch. Taking that time every day doesn’t just help your body and keep your dog happy, it also gives you a chance to re-focus. Too much time in the office or thinking about work can cloud your mind and make you feel like you are overwhelmed. A simple walk in the park can create the space in your mind for successful business ideas that may not have come to you behind a desk.

Hint: Leave the mobile phone at home when you walk to free your mind for those brilliant ideas.

A buddy for your kids

A pooch in a kid’s life is so much more than just a pet. As a companion, best friend, confidante and buddy to hang out with, your four-legged family member can teach responsibility and encourage exercise. Canines are even teaching in the classroom via Delta Classroom Canines – a program specifically focused on assisting children to improve their literacy skills. An important part of growing up is the responsibility and love of a pet.

Hint: Get the kids to feed and walk the dog to gain a sense of responsibility.

Without a doubt, owning a dog helps create balance in your life. Yes, sometimes things get overwhelming and it all seems like the mountain is too high to climb but a cuddle of your pooch, a good walk in the park and a good sleep can make you feel like it isn’t that hard after all. As part of the family, your dog gets into your heart and you would do anything for them. You are rewarded with lots of laughs and lots of new friends but most of all, you are rewarded with lots of love.

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