Choosing a Doggy Day Care

Choosing a Doggy Day Care

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If you're seeking a doggy day care for your four legged friend, there are a few things to consider. Trying to find the right establishment to take care of your dog is important as you'll want to find a company who will look after your pet the same way you do.

Youll want to find an organisation that will look after your pet as well as you do. Image Credit Renae

Rule of thumb is that word of mouth is always a good way to find out about which places or companies are really good and offer the best service. But if you can't find a good recommendation, here are a few tips on finding the right spot for your dog.

  • Tour the facility
  • Why not drop in to the facility (without your dog) and get a look around. Many places will allow you to tour at any time (which is what you want) and other places will request you come in by appointment only (which can be okay too.) However, dropping in unannounced will give you a more realistic idea of how things are going when they are not planning on having a visitor.

  • Ask what the staff to pet ratio is.
  • Are the staff adequate? Are they responsible adults or young teens? Also, watch them as they work. Are they interacting with the dogs who are there or are they simply standing around talking and ignoring the pets?

  • What does the facility look like?
  • Is it clean, safe and warm? Are the outdoor areas properly enclosed?

    Check and see how clean it is. Even though accidents can and will happen when pets are outside of their home environment, staff should clean it up quickly. Everything should appear clean and should smell fresh.

    Check the property to ensure it is safe and that the outdoor areas are properly enclosed. Image credit

  • Ask about their admission policy.
  • Most facilities will require that your dog has all their current vaccinations and has been recently treated for parasites including flea treatments. This is a good thing.

    Facilities will also typically require that all dogs are desexed. It's also beneficial to chose a facility who do 'aggression tests' on dogs before they are allowed to stay and play with other dogs. If this facility does not require all these items then find another day care.

    At the end of the day, youll want your dog to be comfortable and safe, so its important to be picky about where you choose. Image credit

  • Will you and your dog be comfortable?
  • Finally, choose a place where you will be absolutely comfortable leaving your dog and that your dog will enjoy as well.

    Finding a doggy day care where you will feel comfortable leaving your dog may take a little bit of effort because they are not all the same.

    However, in the end it'll be worth the added effort because you will feel good about leaving your dog and knowing that it is in a safe and friendly environment.

    Do you know of a great Doggy Day Care Facility? Leave a comment or share your review with us.


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