How To Remove and Prevent Pet Stains and Odours

How To Remove and Prevent Pet Stains and Odours

Posted 2014-11-20 by keithfollow
As an owner of two cats and one supersized puppy, I have become a bit of an expert on keeping carpets clean and the house free of the accompanying dust and dirt.

My pets spend time inside and out, so it has become more than a small challenge to keep our floors and carpets clean. My large puppy (he now weighs 90 lbs at just over 9 months) took more than a bit of house training before he caught on that his bathroom is outside.

Through trial and error and due diligence I manage to get him trained without too much damage to the carpet. Hopefully you can benefit from what I have gone through, and train your pet to eliminate where they should (outside) while keeping your house from looking and smelling like an animal sanctuary.

It’s the rare pet that has never tested his owner’s patience while they attempt to remove stains from a carpet. Once an animal goes on something that will hold an odor like carpet, it is an ongoing battle to keep them from using that same spot over and over. The secret is to get as much of the urine up as possible as soon as you can. Then use a treatment that neutralizes the odor so that even the pet can’t smell it.

Cleaning Up
First, soak up as much of the urine as possible using a towel or newspapers.

For the initial cleaning, mix your own cleaning solution made up of one part water combined with one part vinegar. For each quart, add ½ teaspoon of non-bleach detergent. Spray the solution on the urine stain.

Let it soak for a few minutes and then dab it up with a towel. If you happen to have a wet vac, suck up the area thoroughly. To neutralize the urine odor, use a high quality pet odor neutralizer (found at pet stores) to break down the proteins in urine that cause the odor. Let it sit as directed and then dab or wet vac it up as well.

The Training Process
To train your pet where the proper bathroom is, place the urine soaked towel (that you used to absorb the urine out of the carpet with) in the area that your pet should use. This will help retrain your pet to associate the smell with the place they should use, be it outside or in a box.

This process will take a little while for your pet to catch onto. Therefore it’s important to make the carpet or floor area where they’ve been going as unattractive as possible to them.

For example, I eventually bought a cheap area rug, placed plastic underneath it, and treated it with a bitter smelling spray that my puppy disliked. It may not have looked very pretty, but it saved the carpet and helped the dog realize his place to eliminate was no longer on the carpet.

Do you have any tips for cleaning up after your pets? Share them with us here!


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