Stylish and Sustainable Bamboo Pet Products

Stylish and Sustainable Bamboo Pet Products

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Being environmentally conscious and making sustainable choices doesn’t have to be limited to people products. You can be part of a growing trend towards sustainable pet products, which is often referred to as “Green Pets”.

As pet owners we can sometimes fall into the trap of buying “cheap and cheerful” products for our furkids but the true cost can be deceptive. For example, an inexpensive dog bed may be made of poor quality, chemically laced synthetic fibres that can irritate your pets skin and may not stand up to wear and tear. This means that your pet, your wallet, the environment suffer over time.

Incorporating bamboo into pet products provides one option to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. Bamboo is widely recognised as a sustainable resource that is fast growing, requires little water, fertilisers to boost its growth or pesticides since bamboo is naturally pest-resistant. The manufacturing process to create bamboo fibres is effective and while it is not without its environmental impact it is still more eco-friendly than other textile options.

[Image5 Bamboo is an eco-friendly choice for textiles]
One way that bamboo is being incorporated in pet products is the stylish and sustainable range of pet beds offered by Bamboo Village. The Bambu Hammock and Bambu Daybeds are not only gorgeous to look at, but they offer a long lasting and eco-friendly choice for your pet.

[Image1 Bambu Hammock Pet Bed - image courtesy of]
The covers come in a range of colours and are made to last. The solid bamboo frame is made like a high quality piece of furniture. The hammock design means that the bed can ease pressure points for your pet which is especially helpful in older pets that may suffer from stiff joints or arthritis. The daybed design also comes in a range of colours and features an orthopedic memory foam mattress.

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Bamboo fibre options are not limited to cats and dogs. Bamboo Village also carries a range of Bamboo Equestrian products including saddle cloths, stable wraps, bandages and exercise leg wraps. The Bamboo Equestrian range by Bamboo Textiles is considered to be a much needed innovation in equestrian products.

[Image2 Bamboo Equestrian Stable Wraps - image courtesy of]
Traditional horse blankets and cloths contain polyurethane foam, which is not ideal for the horse or the rider. The bamboo fibres in the new range provide better heat control and are more comfortable for the horse in any temperature.

These products fit with the eco-friendly values because they are designed to be durable, washable and naturally antibacterial and antifungal without an over reliance on chemicals. The equestrian range also provides good value for money with many of the eco-friendly products competitively priced when compared to the traditional polyurethane foam alternatives.

[Image4 Bamboo Equestrian Horse Bandages - image courtesy of]
Bamboo Village is also sourcing a range of eco-friendly pet toys that will be available via its website.

About Bamboo Village
Bamboo Village is an Australian based online retailer that offers stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly products easily available to the public at an affordable price. We aim to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that their decision to purchase our products is an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to other materials and we pride ourselves on the high quality of our bamboo items. Visit the Bamboo Village website to explore the entire range of bamboo products.


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