Gummi Pet Products Ollie the Owl Dog Toy

Gummi Pet Products Ollie the Owl Dog Toy

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[Image1 Ollie the Owl Image: Lucky You Media]
Let me introduce you to Ollie the Owl. Ollie is one of the cutest toys I have seen. I would happily give Ollie as a baby shower gift, or let him perch on one of my book shelves as a quirky adornment. Ollie is so cute I almost felt a little sad giving him to Ginger the Destroyer.

Ginger is my 1 ½ year old Labrador x Cocker Spaniel. Given the opportunity, she will chew anything and has had great success in destroying many dog toys, even those labelled as “indestructible”. I didn’t think little Ollie the Owl had a chance.

[Image4 Ginger the Destroyer with Ollie the Owl]
So why did I buy Ollie?
I got caught up in a moment of weakness at the pet store and went for a cute toy, rather than something that looked tough and rugged. Ginger is, after all, a bit of a princess and after years of buying only boy toys I just wanted to buy something cute. Several weeks later I am happy to report that Ollie is much tougher than his cute façade leads you to believe.

[Image2 Image: Lucky You Media]
About Ollie the Owl
Ollie the Owl is one of the range of pet products available from Gummi Pet Products (either direct or through many pet retailers).

The Gummi Pet people do an excellent job creating functional products for pets that are just as appealing to the owners. Just read how Ollie the Owl is described on their website :

“Made out of a soft denim material and adorned with corduroy wings and head, his head a patchwork of tartan, stripes and spots all coming together to make Ollie the height of fashion.”

This description is clearly written for humans because 1) dogs can’t read (duh!?) and 2) my dog could care less about fabrics but I am a sucker for a nice bit of tartan. At the end of the day it wouldn’t matter how fashionable dear Ollie the Owl is if he can’t stand up to the constant attention of Ginger the Destroyer. (But, have I mentioned how darn cute this little Owl is? Have you seen his corduroy wings? I die.)

Ollie the Owl comes in two sizes (I bought the mini which measures 14cm x 16cm). It has a squeeker inside. The squeeker is not easily activated, probably due to Ollie's plush body, but that works for me as I wanted this as an inside toy that doesn't product too much noise. The occaisonal squeek keeps my dg interested and challenged to find out how to make the noise again.

Three Weeks Later….
After about three weeks of regular love, Ollie the Owl is standing the test of time.

His squeeker still works and there are no rips or tears. His colours no longer pop but after a good wash I think he will scrub up just fine. I have been really impressed with how well the material has held up. I think since he is a “chubbier” toy with short wings he is subjected to less stress than other toys.

Ollie is more of a snuggle and chew toy for Ginger than an active outdoor toy. He is not a very aerodynamic bird so he doesn’t get tossed around the yard for chase and fetch games. (If you are looking for a great fetch toy, check out the Gummi Pets Knot Ball ).

Ginger loves this toy and I really enjoy having it as one of her inside toys. It is cute, which makes me smile, and it is durable, which makes me happy.

Overall Recommendation: 5 wagging tails!


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