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Posted 2014-07-10 by Gwen O'Toole-Luscombefollow
Many pet owners experience the frustrating and often embarrassing problem of a barking dog.

I've encountered it first hand when I moved house and discovered that my dog, unused to the new noises of living closer to neighbors, would bark at everything. And I mean everything. People walking by the front door, the sound of the neighbors leaving their house, and especially (worst of all) the doorbell ringing or someone knocking. It seemed that absolutely every new noise was a trigger to her bad behaviour.

I did a lot of research on how to train her out of this. Citronella collar that sprayed when she barked seemed a bit harsh and the electric collars definitely seemed harsh to me, so I resorted to purchasing an Indoor Bark Control Box from PetSafe Australia.

The Indoor Bork Control Box emits ultrasonic waves that arent audible to humans but are an annoyance to dogs in an effort to train them not to bark.

It's a collarless device that runs on a 9V battery, it registers the frequency of your dog barking and emits ultrasonic waves (to me it just sounded like it was making a clicking noise) when your dog barks.

The noise in theory is meant to be annoying to your dog and essentially make them want to avoid barking.

Overall Recommendation: Does it work? Yes, for a few weeks it did make a difference. My dog would pause, as though she was distracted and then stopped barking. However, after a few weeks she seemed to just get used to the noise and disregard it altogether.

Also I found that when the box was emitting the noise, it interfered with mobile phones.

Eventually she did stop barking much less, but I'm not sure how much of the training success is contributed to the bark box.

The Bark Box is available online through PetSafe Australia for $79.


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