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Posted 2014-03-13 by Gwen O'Toole-Luscombefollow
If your dog is anything like my Lucy, she smells.

And I say that with all the fondness of a doting pet owner, but sometimes just petting her leaves us with what we like to call 'stank hand.'

Lucy, my half pughalf jack russell mix on one of her less smelly days.

Without trying to over bathe her (she bathes once a fortnight) I've resorted to spraying her bed with Febreze and the like to freshen up the house (and her) a little bit. But as sure as you can count on the sun rising each morning, immediately after her bath, once the back door opens and she's let outside to dry off in the sunshine, she throws herself to the ground and rolls around with all the joy she can muster.

It would be adorable if, just three of four days later, she didn't need another one.

So when I was at a local pet shop recently and my partner pointed out the Plush Pet Deodorising Spray product I thought, "It can't hurt, what have we got to lose?"

Plush Pet deodorising spray

So we took it home and tried it out. It's suitable for spraying directly onto pets as well as their bedding area and it is rather...well, perfumey. Sort of in the same way a new car is perfumey or when you encounter a friend who has gone a little heavy on the cologne.

But all up, it lasted about 3-4 days on her bed and about 2-3 days on Lucy.

Overall Recommendation:
So all up? Febreze or the like sprayed on her bed probably yielded a similar result and as Febreze is much less than this spray (at $22.95 a bottle) I'd go with that option. But the spray on her coat directly kept her (and our hand after petting her) smelling a whole lot nicer in between baths.

So if you have a lively dog that LOVES rolling around outside, it could certainly be a solution.

Have you found a product that works well for your active dog? If so, tell me about it below!


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