How To Prepare Pets for Thunderstorms and Fireworks

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It is well known that well-behaved and placid pets can become frightened balls of fur in thunderstorms and fireworks.

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From the first clap of thunder they can begin to pace, pant, cling to their owner, or show other signs of anxiety. Unfortunately the summer thunderstorm seasons and public events in which fireworks are let off are out of our control. That is why I have put together a small guide to keeping your pet's anxiety at bay.

Do not punish your pet for being stressed

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Your cat may claw at furniture or the carpet and your dog may bark or whimper. You must not aggravate their distress by becoming angry or authoritative with your pet. Attempt to reassure or distract your cat or dog by playing with them. However do not "force" this if your pet is at an extremely stressed stage.

A Safe Area
Provide access to safety so that your pet will be more inclined to feel at ease among the loud bangs. Just like their owners, animals need sanctuary in times of great stress. So an open wardrobe, kennel, or bed is perfectly familiar for them during this time.

Secure your property
This should be done during a storm anyway, but make sure there is a closed boundary so that your loved one will not escape into the night. Secure all doors, fences and gates to contain your pet and keep he or she within your reach.

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Make sure your pet is identifiable via registration or microchip in the unfortunate event that they may find some way to escape your property. A microchip is always the best chance of reuniting you with your pet.

Remember to consult your vet if your pet's behaviour is severe and uncontrollable. They may be able to prescribe your cat or dog with some anti-anxiety medication (similar to our own anti-depressants) which will lessen the effect of their condition during thunderstorms or fireworks.

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Additional Help
For more tips on preparing your pets for thunderstorms and fireworks, watch this video from Purina.


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