How to Make TShirt Bones Dog Toys

How to Make TShirt Bones Dog Toys

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Keeping your dog entertained (and their teeth and gums healthy) doesn't need to be expensive. In fact, you can create your own recycled dog toys using materials you already have at home.

[Image1 Recycled T-Shirt Dog Bone]

- Old Cotton T-Shirt (you can use a shirt with screenprinted images)
- Fabric Scissors

Any old t-shirt will work for this project. I often find that we end up with lots of promotional t-shirts that rarely get worn and deserve a second chance at being useful.

Step 1- Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface like the kitchen table. Smooth out any wrinkles. Fold the t-shirt in half along the centre line, matching the right shoulder to the left shoulder.

Step 2- Cut off the bottom hem. Next, but off the top of the t-shirt directly under the arm-holes. You will be left with the torso section of the t-shirt.

Step 3- Cut the t-shirt into strips that are roughly 1cm wide. Thicker strips will result in a chunkier bone.

[Image2 Cutting the strips of fabric]

Step 4- Once you have finished cutting your strips stretch each strip by holding onto the ends and pulling tightly. This will stretch the fabric. You may also notice the edges beginning to curl slightly.

Step 4- Divide the fabric strips into 3 piles to prepare for braiding. In my example, I used 3 different coloured t-shirts- blue, white and gray. I created 3 piles of fabric- each with a blue, white and gray strip (for a total of 9 strips of fabric).

Step 5- Bundle your fabric strips together and tie a knot in one end. Separate the strips into 3 groups and begin braiding to form the bone.

Step 6- Securely tie off the end of your braid. I used an extra strip of fabric to wrap around the knot to make it more secure.

Step 7- GO FETCH!

Your t-shirt bone is an excellent chew toy for your pet as it will assist with keeping their teeth and gums clean. Also you can easily clean the toy by putting it through the washing machine.

I have several bones that have held up for months with regular play. Bones that are used for "tugging" games tend to wear more quickly. Be sure to discard of any toys should they pose a choking hazard to your dog.

Have you made a t-shirt bone? Share your pictures with us in the comments section. Or if you have other recycled dog toy ideas let us know!


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