How to Choose the Best Floors for Furry Paws

How to Choose the Best Floors for Furry Paws

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When they are not jumping up to share the sofa with us, or curled up on our beds, our four legged friends spend more time on the floor than we do. There are major differences between carpeting, hardwood, laminate and tile floors, and that goes for our dogs and cats as well as for people like us who are doing the cleaning and the buying. Whether you are building a new home or remodelling an existing home it is important to pick out the right flooring for you and your pets.

Knowing your pet is crucial in making this decision. A well behaved dog or cat can adapt to almost any flooring situation from carpets to hardwood. However, carpet combined with a young puppy or kitten which might forget where it is supposed to go potty would require much more supervision and training than you may have time for. Older pets may feel sore sleeping on a stone or tile floor but will appreciate the cool ground during a hot summer day.

Your needs as a pet parent will come into play as well. Are you willing to spend extra time and effort vacuuming out carpets of pet fur, or go with flooring options that offer less maintenance and more convenience for you?

This guide will help you decide on the best flooring option for your home where you and your pet live together happily ever after.

Vinyl and Laminate

New, more stylish vinyl and laminate floors are very popular with pet owners who want the look of hardwood without the risks of mixing hardwood and pets. It is very affordable and can be placed anywhere in the home with its variety of colours and styles. They are stain and scratch resistant, but active, playful pets need to be careful running over a laminate floor because it can become slippery and dangerous.

Porcelain Tile
Porcelain or stone tile cleans quickly, urine and pet stains will not soak in, and it is both durable and scratch resistant. You can make it more comfortable by adding warm, thick rugs or radiant heating as suggested by National Tiles Melbourne. That also make them more comfortable for you. A tile shop can offer a consult for the most suitable floor. For example, rustic brick porcelain tiles , is a good choice for high traffic areas like mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. That way when your dog bursts inside after a trip to the local dog park, with his paws all muddy, clean-up will be quick and simple.

While hardwoods are very popular for their stylish appearance, they are one of the least pet-friendly flooring options because they are easily scratched and soak up stains even if they are cleaned promptly. If you are set on choosing hardwood floors, find one with a very high hardness rating such as oak or bamboo.

For an older dog, the comfort of carpet may outweigh the extra work of vacuuming. For shedding, playful dogs, the carpet will be quickly worn down. You should avoid looped carpet piles because claws can get caught.

Before You Buy
There are many pet-friendly flooring options for homeowners. Porcelain tile, vinyl and laminate floors are scratch and stain resistant, look great, and can be accessorised with area rugs to provide a doggy or kitty approved sleeping space.

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