Bathtime Dos and Donts For Your Dog

Bathtime Dos and Donts For Your Dog

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Certain dogs have a tendency to get dirtier than others and even those who spend most of their time in their owner's lap still occasionally need a trip to the bath.

While some pets are easier to manage at bath time than others your actions at bath time can make a big difference. Image credit Cathy

While some pet owners, bathing your dog can be a simple task, for others, it can be an absolute nightmare. There are, however, things you can do to ease the burden of bath time for both you an your pet and while some of these tips are obvious, the truth is, many pet owners don't always abide by them.

Shampoos and conditioners that are great for humans are a bad idea for dogs as the PH levels for a dogs skin is much different from a humans. Image credit

First rule of bathing your dog, never use a human shampoo or conditioner on them. Your pet's skin has a different PH balance then that of a human. And because they don't have the same skin, it requires different treatment to keep it clean. The skin of your dog might be a little sensitive to some of the strong ingredients and perfumes in most daily shampoos. Some of these ingredients might even lead to fur loss, or worse, a rash. There are plenty of shampoos to choose from when it comes to your dog, and they can be found in your local supermarket.

The next thing, don't forget to comb out your dogs fur after the bath. When a dogs coat is wet, it tangles much easier and then a dry one. Remember, don't use an ordinary comb or brush on your dog as some human brushes might be a little to rough for your dogs delicate skin.

Human hairbrushes can be too rough on your pets skin. Image credit O

If you're using a bath as a solution to rid your dog of fleas and it isn't working, here's why: Flea baths do not get rid of all those little eggs. So yes, you might kill the adults, which will make your dog a little more comfortable for a short amount of time, but you won't have any luck with the eggs.

Baths are a time to get your dog clean, flea treatments such as FrontLine or Advantage are meant to keep them healthy and flea-free.

Set a reminder to flea treat your pet around the same time every month so you don't miss a treatment. Also many flea treatments also help prevent internal parasites too, so it's always best to stay on top of regular treatments.

Pay particular attention to the temperature of the water, just as you would a child. Extreme temperature water isn't pleasant for anyone. Also closing the bathroom door can be a great idea as it limits distractions for your dog while it's in the bath.

Many pet owners often find that rewarding your pet with a small treat or even extra pats for good behaviour is a great way for your pet to not be frightened by bath time but look to is as a bit of extra attention.

If bath time is a concern for you in terms of your dog's behaviour, it might be best to ask your vet for a behaviour specialist about the proper way to make the experience pleasant.


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