What can you do if your dog is diagnosed as going blind

What can you do if your dog is diagnosed as going blind

Posted 2014-05-17 by finyfollow
Dash, my Whippet

I have had dogs all my life and even when one dies, I get another immediately as I find it helps me get over the awful situation.

I currently have two dogs, a cheeky whippet, named Dash, who is now 7 years old, and an older German Shorthair Pointer, named Pinno-kio who is 13.

Pinno and Dashalways best friends

I have had mental problems with Pinno since I got him, however this article is about the younger one, Dash.

I took insurance on Dash a few years ago as he had never had to go to the vet other than for annual injections, and because I was paying out so much for Pinno.

I was quite happy to pay my $600 a year and never claim as that meant Dash was happy and healthy.

About 4 weeks ago, while we were at a park, and Dash was off lead, he kept running past me while looking for me.

He would get all panicky as he just did not seem to see me, and I thought he was just being "naughty".

This continued until one day, after a walk he just bumped into the front door.

He also has the bad habit, that whippets often do, of jumping onto kitchen benches. As well as this, he used to gently jump on to my lap, thinking he is a lap dog, and suddenly, when he jumped he seemed to miss, and was virtually slamming into my face!

He is normally a very gentle, although active dog.

His pupils look dilated here

After a few weeks of this behaviour, I had to get his needles so we all went to the vet and I mentioned it.

The day I went to the vet, he had obviously bumped into something as both his knees had cuts on them.

To my horror, she looked into his eyes, and told me his pupils were dilated, and there was something wrong behind his retina, and he would probably go blind.

There is no cure, however I am going to see a dog ophthalmologist, which in itself is very strange, as I have glaucoma and go to eye doctors every few months. She said this was not glaucoma but to me, the lay person, it sounded the same.

My question is, what do I do now?

I know there are a lot of blind dogs, but this means I will not be able to let him do what he naturally loves -run like the wind....

I feel so awful for him even though I know he doesn't have the same feelings as a human and would not understand what is going on.

I have heard that you do not shift furniture around with a blind dog, however I do not know what to do about letting him have his weekly run. He goes on and on running almost like a kangaroo, or almost flying at times, once a week. I would hate to have to stop this outing, but I go near a river and bush and would worry he would get lost.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or has been in a similar situation?

Dash is only 7 and has probably at least another 7 or 8 years to live.

Dash pondering the future


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