Things to Know Before you Bring Home Your First Cat or Kitten

Things to Know Before you Bring Home Your First Cat or Kitten

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A de-shedding blade is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to keep your dog’s coat groomed. I have tried other shedding and grooming tools for my dog in the past but none were as easy to use and well tolerated by my dog as a simple de-shedding blade.

A de-shedding blade, also called a de-shedding comb or tool, is a looped piece of metal with saw-like teeth on each side. While the saw teeth can be sharp, don’t let the term “blade” scare you off. This is not a razor type blade like those used in other shedding tools. Unless you are being unnecessarily rough, or your dog is extremely uncontrollable, there is little chance of hurting yourself or your pet with a de-shedding blade.

• You use the blade on your dog’s coat the same way you would use a brush.

• Using gentle pressure, start with the top of the head and brush your way down to the dog’s tail.

• If your dog has longer hair, take care with any matted areas of hair. You may need to use a pair of scissors to remove any matted areas. I find that this blade works extremely well on my cocker spaniel X Labrador who has a medium length coat.

• Be sure to comb down the legs and hind quarters where loose hair can accumulate.

• Shake any loose hair from the blade after each stroke.

• These blades can remove a lot of hair so I find it best to do this outside.


• Follow-up with a quick brush using a slicker brush to help smooth the coat, distribute the natural oils and remove any loose hairs.

I find that a good groom with the de-shedding blade 1-2 times per week during summer improves the look of my dogs coat and dramatically reduces the amount of dog hair in the house.

The blade that I use is an Animates brand de-shedding tool that cost under $20 from my local pet store.

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