Ten Tips for Finding Lost Pets

Ten Tips for Finding Lost Pets

Posted 2014-06-20 by Jen Higginsfollow
When a pet is lost it can be a heart breaking experience, the uncertainty of what could happen to a pet when it is missing is one of the most difficult experiences that a pet owner can go through.

Here are 10 tips that can help reunite pets with their loved ones:

1. Put up signs - they should be big, fluorescent, have a picture of your pet and be brief so that people will see them and be able to read them while driving past.

2. Place your signs at intersections so that the most traffic can see your sign.

3. Create flyers to hand out and put in letterboxes where you lost your pet and where there may be sightings of your pet.

4. Report your lost pet to animal shelters and rescue groups and vet clinics in your area.

5. Use the power of social media - groups such as Lost Pet Register, that can help you get the message out about your pet.

6. Be species specific about your search - cats and dogs behave differently than each other when lost. Cats are more likely to be close by and hiding in a neighbors shed, where dogs will travel further.

7. The temperament of your pet will impact on your search, happy dogs are more likely to be found by someone while fearful dogs may avoid people and be more difficult to catch.

8. Microchip your pet, and more importantly keep your details up to date.

9. Use plastic sheet protectors to weather proof your posters, regularly check on them and replace if needed.

10. Place signs on your car, so that when you drive around your local neighborhood, people can see your details.

Remember too, don't give up hope - keep looking, your pet is out there somewhere.


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