Ten Great Reasons to Own One or Two Whippets

Ten Great Reasons to Own One or Two Whippets

Posted 2015-03-02 by finyfollow
We all have one important thing in common we have a love of dogs. All types, breeds, size, colour, any type we just adore them. It is clear we open our hearts up to them and let them into our family to become another family member.
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They share our good times, go through sad times with us, share in fun and excitement everyday of our lives. I feel that our lives are so enriched by having them and if we had no dogs in this world it would be so completely different without them.

We all should understand the real importance and true value they give to us and contribute by giving us such happiness every day. They are so much fun to be around and we love their cute adorable personalities of all types.

Have you ever looked into your dog’s eyes and wondered what they thinking? Or have you ever looked at them for a whole five minutes wondering what they are seeing when they stare back at you. I swear sometimes when that has happened to me with my dogs I have experienced an overwhelming wave of love and happiness yet a slight bit of curiosity too. I also feel my dogs can see right through me and sense my whole life’s emotions.

I can’t imagine how some dogs must feel when they are neglected and left alone. Or when they are thrown in to the pounds because of no collar or name tag.

How about when they are walking down the street and get hurt by mean humans? What I don‘t understand is why would someone want to hurt a dog?

Why do humans beat dogs up and do the most disgusting cruel actions towards them when they know dogs cannot fight back?.

We should advocate and be their voice - not their pain.

Recently there was a case in Australia where a man grabbed his knife and slit his own dog’s throat deliberately and left him to die. Fortunately, a bystander and a rescue person were close by and managed to take the dog under their wing. The dog was operated on and fixed by a rescue group but that dog must surely get nightmares from his horrible ordeal. After he slit the dog’s throat he tied him up to a wire fence and left him. Does that make sense to you. ?

If you were a stranger near by and saw that happening in front of your eyes what would you do? I would help in every way I could. It is such a shame these acts happen daily somewhere around the world.

Another incident was a photo of a man holding his dog up against a brick wall with one hand and the other hand he had his fist ready to punch the dog in the face and hurt him. Again fortunately this man’s photo about to do the act was put on Facebook and sent worldwide.

Again, recently on Facebook a driver did a hit and run to a dog. A stranger named Aaron saw the whole accident.

He did an amazing act of kindness and walked into the middle of oncoming traffic to slowly pick up the injured beagle dog and call for help. Unfortunately it took 3 hours of waiting and wrapping the dog up in a jacket as he was bleeding everywhere, Aaron stayed and assisted the dog right through to the end.

Great story. We need more positive endings instead of tragic incidents. The driver was not identified and got off free but Aaron kept the dog forever. Two hearts that bonded out of the goodness of one.

Because of the heroic efforts some people take to defend dogs more live and survive accidents, incidents and brutal situations. Still I feel not enough is being done. The numbers speak for themselves and that is gradually increasing.

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Perhaps one way to lessen the numbers in time would be to stop all breeders from breeding. We already have enough living a life of misery, no home or master to love, so why do we let them do it? With high numbers of dogs waiting in shelters and pounds it is evident that now is the time to take some positive action. We must not forget the sad lonely dogs and puppies that are trapped in a small cage doomed for life of pain and misery in puppy mills.

I can’t imagine how sad and devastating it would be to be homeless with your four legged friend.
Hard enough to struggle to survive on a daily basis for yourself, let alone feeling the pain and sadness of not being able to provide for your pet dog. To be actually put in that situation one must feel all alone and helpless. It wouldn't matter which way you turned your problem will still remain the same as always. Surely one must think can it get it better?

You would be asking yourself questions over and over again just wanting to scream out to everybody to help find an answer for you.

Thankfully, most of us are not and have never been in that situation, and we should all feel very grateful for the life we live now. They say life is worth living but unfortunately life can kick you around sometimes but you must get back up again.

While we live our life day to day let us remember to give a little back into the community so other’s in need can be helped, every bit makes a big difference.

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