Synflex Pets Arthritis Relief for Pets

Synflex Pets Arthritis Relief for Pets

Posted 2014-06-05 by finyfollow
My German shorthair pointer suffers from arthritis and is having injections every 3 or 6 months to help with this.

A friend who is a dog trainer recommended that I try Syn-flex Pets about 8 weeks ago.

I researched it, and eventually came up with a few names of places that sell it in Australia.

However the price was almost double to that paid on Ebay, even taking into account the postage from America to Australia.

I therefore sent for 3 bottles which arrived within a week.

I have found that after about 2 weeks of giving this to my dog, he is slightly better. Before I started using this product I would go with my dogs to an off lead park, and invariably this dog's back legs would collapse half way through the run.

This has not happened for about a month now, so I think this product must be helping.

My German shorthair pointer

Syn-flex is made in Florida, and my trainer friend had tried a few Australian products before trying this one out.

She had fairly quick results with her dog once he went on to Syn-flex.

Syn-flex has the following ingredients in it:

Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
Yucca Root
plus others

It is labelled as "Pharmaceutical quality Glucosamine" and is given once a day in with food.

It is also labelled for "joint and cartilage protection and growth"

Average servings per plastic container is 32, and this, of course depends on the dog size.

I can highly recommend this product firstly as a trial -it will probably not work for all dogs, but is worth a try if you have a loved pet with arthritis, and I am choosing this over strong pain relief and a higher cost.

It is in a convenient squeeze bottle where you can just squeeze into the measure -as can be seen in my photo.

I bought the 3 lots from an Ebay seller and it cost me about $75 Australian plus about $17 postage.

To buy one bottle from the U.S. is about $27 plus the $17 postage, so it is a good saving to buy the three together as expiry date on these is almost a year.

I have also been advised that walking the dog daily will also help him with his arthritis.


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