Review Pet Grooming Clippers by Omorc

Review Pet Grooming Clippers by Omorc

Posted 2017-09-23 by Mariafollow
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I was recently on the hunt for a set of pet grooming clippers to use on my shaggy-haired Bichon Frise pup.

What should have been a straight forward task due to the vast choice of clippers on the market turned into a nightmare. With so many different types of clippers out there, it is almost like there is too much choice, and with a squeamish, sound and vibration sensitive pup, I had my work cut out for me to find a suitable set.

I began my search, looking through different pet store sites, each as mind boggling as the next and all with a hefty price tag. With most on these sites at a starting price of €120 upwards, I couldn't justify this cost when I would only be using the clippers every few months.

I decided to give Amazon a shot. Again, searching through pages and pages of different clippers I came across a set. Described as a "Comfy and quiet trimming experience", because of its 50dB noise reducing motor, I was soon intrigued if this would be the best choice for my pet and at £19.99 (UK sterling), how could I go wrong? So my decision was made, item was paid for and now the waiting game.

The item arrived a few days later and although the packaging had seen better days, it was what was on the inside that counted, and I must say everything was in perfect condition.

The box contained a very stylish, rose gold coloured cordless grooming clippers, different sized blade attachments, cleaning brush, scissors and comb.

So now it was time to try it out, and I must say it worked like a dream. It is such a quiet clippers, my pup barely even knew his hair was being clipped, so this was an A from me. The clippers cut through the hair with ease, even with all my pet's tangled hair. The fact that the clippers works cordlessly is also a massive advantage, as it is easier to manoeuvre it with a playful puppy, and also meant my pup would not try to pull at the cord.

Before on the Right and After on the Left. My own image

All in all, an absolutely fantastic clippers for the price, and worked a treat on my matted, Bichon Frise.



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