Responsible Dog Ownership And The Law

Responsible Dog Ownership And The Law

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The laws about dogs vary from area to area. In some parts of the world there are many laws for dog owners to follow and in other places there are few. It is important to know the details of the legislation in your area and be aware of any changes to the law. Responsible dog owners will want to obey the law because it is the right thing to do. Those who are less responsible might decide to comply once they know how much they could be fined for non compliance.

Legislation may be in place covering things such as -
  • registration
  • desexing your dog
  • microchipping
  • keeping your dog under control
  • preventing your dog from menacing or attacking an animal or person
  • excessive barking
  • cleaning up after your dog in public areas

  • In South Australia fines were increased in July 2017 and the increases weren't amounts like $10 or $20. Some fines doubled or trebled. However, a quick internet search showed these fines can be much higher in other locations.

    Recent increases in fines in South Australia include -
    Non registration increased from $80 to $170.
    Dogs are required to wear a collar with the registration disc attached.

    Dogs are required to wear a collar and registration disc Courtesy of Pixabay

    Not keeping your dog on your own property increased from $80 to $210. Dog owners must keep their dog under control and away from home this usually means the dog must be on a leash.

    Sometimes there is a law about the maximum length of a leash. Where there are dog parks, a dog must still be under the control of the owner, meaning if the owner calls the dog or gives it a command it must obey so other dogs and people in the park are not harmed.

    Dogs are usually required to be on a leash when out of their yard Courtesy of Pixabay

    Excessive barking up from $105 to $315.
    Dogs are allowed to bark, it's part of being a dog but not to the extent where they are inconveniencing others in the neighbourhood.

    Failure to prevent your dog menacing or attacking another animal or a person increased from $210 to $315.
    Dog attacks can be serious and even fatal, especially if a baby, young child or a frail elderly person is the victim. The ensuing trauma for those involved can have a lifelong effect. Fines and court costs can be very high, depending on the severity of the attack. The owner can be held responsible even if they are not present at the time.

    Not cleaning up after your dog increased from $55 to $210
    No one wants to step in dog poo so remember to take doggy clean up bags with you each time you take Fido for a walk.

    Dog owners who think about the safety of their dog and the safety and comfort other pets and people in the community will be obeying most of these laws and shouldn't end up with a fine for non compliance.

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