Reasons to Get your Dog Desexed

Reasons to Get your Dog Desexed

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In some places it is compulsory to have dogs, both male and female, desexed, unless they are covered by exemption laws relating to registered breeders and working livestock dogs. (A working livestock dog is one kept on rural land primarily for the purpose of working with stock.) As more places are introducing these laws it is important to be aware of the rules that apply where you live if you are planning to get a puppy.

It used to be the practice to only bother to get female dogs desexed. Why are laws now in place to have both male and female dogs desexed?

Getting your dog desexed is good for a number of reasons including -
  • no unwanted litters of puppies
  • reduces aggression and territorial behaviour
  • reduces wandering behaviour
  • removes the risk of cancer in reproductive organs
  • reduced vet bills
  • cheaper registration fee

  • No unwanted litters
    Unwanted puppies are either dumped, disposed of in some inhumane way or taken to an animal shelter. Some puppies at animal shelters have to be euthanased because no home is found for them.

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    Reduces aggression and territorial behaviour
    They are less likely to get involved in fights with other dogs and therefore will suffer fewer injuries. They are also likely to bark and whine less frequently. Desexed dogs are more affectionate to their human companions

    Reduces wandering behaviour
    Undesexed dogs often try to escape from a house or yard in search of a mate. Some are very persistent.

    Wandering the streets increases the likelihood of them being hit by a car or meeting with an accident through some other cause. If your dog is picked up by the dog catcher and ends up at the pound there is a hefty fine to pay.

    Dogs at the pound hoping their owners will find them Courtesy of Pixabay

    Reduced cancer risk
    A male dog that has been desexed will not get testicular cancer and has less risk of perianal tumors. For female dogs the risk of uterine infections and ovarian tumors is removed and there is less risk of breast cancer.

    Reduced vet bills
    Desexed females have fewer urinary infections and males are less likely to have prostrate disease. As desexed dogs are less aggressive they are less likely to need a trip to the vet after being injured in a fight.

    Cheaper registration fee
    In many areas registration is cheaper if your dog is desexed.

    Even if it is not law that you must get your dog desexed, there are numerous advantages in doing so.

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