Plaque Off Dental Formula for Dogs and Cats

Plaque Off Dental Formula for Dogs and Cats

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When I heard about PlaqueOff for Dogs from a colleague of mine at the start of this year, I thought to myself - does this really work? or is it just another one of those products that ends up living in the back of the medicine cabinet for the next three years.

I'm very pleased to say that this product works wonders for pets. I bought it for my own dog recently, as I noticed tartar starting to build up and in the space of just a couple of months I've already noticed a significant improvement.

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PlaqueOff is made by a company called Troy, who make other pet related products that you may have heard of, such as Alpha Ear cleaner and Oaticoat shampoo and conditioner.

It comes in powder form, and is just sprinkled on your pets food once a day. The amount of powder to use is judged on your pets weight, and there is a handy chart on the side of the container.

So, what's so great about it? Firstly it helps to reduce tartar build up, softens existing tartar, reduces the chances of gum disease and gingivitis and solves that nasty bad breath problem that so many of our pets have.

It is available for both cats and dogs which is great and should be used in conjunction with regular toothbrushing.

The product contains an ingredient called Ascophyllum nodosum, so please remember if your pet has a known allergy to this ingredient, do not use and consult your vet on an alternative product.

Your pet will have a fabulous Hollywood smile in no time!

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