Nine most dangerous dog breeds in Australia

Nine most dangerous dog breeds in Australia

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All dogs have the capacity to become dangerous however there are certain breeds that become aggressive to humans and/or other animals more easily and more often than others.

In the worst case scenario, this can result in death, and it can produce horrific injuries, as has been seen in the last few years.

What Breeds are Classed as Dangerous Dogs?
The dangerous dog legislation is not the same as the restricted breed regulations. Any dog may be declared dangerous (from a small Chihuahua to a Great Dane)

The dog's size or breed is not the issue; it is the dog's behaviour.

The Act in Section 33E states a dog may be declared dangerous if:

• the dog has caused injury or damage by an attack on, or chasing, a person, animal or vehicle;
• the dog has, repeatedly, shown a tendency to either:
• attack, or chase, a person, animal or vehicle even though no injury has been caused by that behaviour; or
• has threatened to attack;

From the City of Melbourne:
"Dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs are treated differently by law.

Dangerous dogs are declared because they have attacked, are used for guarding, or have been trained to attack.

Menacing dogs are declared because they have rushed or chased someone.

Restricted breed dogs are declared if they are a particular breed, not because they have attacked. They may have never displayed any signs of aggression, but have been deemed to be a higher risk to the community.

wners of dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs are subject to strict requirements. All of these types of dogs are required to be muzzled and on a leash when outside the owner’s premises."

We hear a lot about pit bulls being dangerous however when The Daily Telegraph did a review of the top nine dangerous dogs, and pit bulls were not the most dangerous.


The top nine dangerous dogs in NSW, as quoted by the Daily Telegraph, are:

  • 9 The Terrier -Responsible for 66 attacks:

  • Photo All photos courtesy Daily Telegraph

  • 8 Labrador - responsible for 83 attacks

  • 7 Bullmastiff - responsible for 90 attacks

  • 6 Kelpie - responsible for 100 attacks

  • 5 Pit Bull - responsible for 133 attacks

  • 4 German Shepherd - responsible for 166 attacks

  • 3 Rottweiler - responsible for 173 attacks

  • 2 Cattle dog - responsible for 208 attacks

  • 1 Staffordshire Terrier - responsible for 279 attacks

  • Always make sure you are aware of perceived dangerous breeds before you buy a cute puppy -that cute pup could grow into a dangerous animal particularly if not handled correctly.

    Do you own one of the breeds listed as dangerous? What are your thoughts? Is this breed being unfairly targeted?


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