Keeping Your German Shepherd Healthy

Keeping Your German Shepherd Healthy

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Dogs are said to be man’s true and best friend. There are several breeds of dog, each with different nourishing capacities. The German shepherd is one of the most recognized breeds. It is large in size compared to the other breeds of dogs. It is also known as Alsatian and is originally from Britain. The metabolism of a German Shepherd is very fast when it is healthy. To keep them healthy it is important to schedule an appropriate and nutritional diet.

It should be given the right amount of food, as underfeeding may result in a deficiency in nutrition and the overfeeding of food may result in obesity. So, to keep it healthy, regular exercise or walking is also necessary.


Physical characteristics of a German shepherd

Height: Around 1ft’10 inches to 2ft’2 inches tall at the shoulder

Weight: Approximately 75 -90 pounds

Life expectancy: 10-14 years

If your German Shepherd is losing weight, here are few tips for you to help him gain weight.

1. Investigate the cause of its underweight:
You will not always be able to feed your German shepherd everyday with right quality of food in right quantity. This may result in the loss of appetite or weight loss. This breed of dog is prone to a number of health issues. To avoid this, you should take it to a veterinary doctor regularly for health examinations.

2. Maintain a weekly schedule to weigh your dog:
This weighing schedule helps to regularly check whether your feed plan is working or requires any alteration. Is your dog continuously losing weight? If yes, then make the change in the feed plan and if the weight is still going down then immediately take it to the veterinary doctor.


3. Feed your dog a number of times:
Few people provide dry food in a day as it is very rich in protein content. And sometimes substitute it with wet food twice a day. Before substitution it should be checked for its protein content. You should feed your German shepherd three or four times in a day to keep it healthy.

4. Feed with raw vegetables or fresh food products:
You should feed a German shepherd with raw vegetables like carrot, celery, etc. In regard to scrap or food residues, these should be kept in the refrigerator. You can also feed your dog with chicken, roughage and many other things to keep it healthy.

5. Include regular exercise:
You should give your German shepherd every opportunity to walk, run, play or jog that may help it in building muscle mass. A healthy diet alone is not enough. Muscle mass building is also essential to keep a German shepherd healthy.


Your German Shepherd is considered as a real hero, and therefore should be fed regularly in right quantity. It should be provided with regular exercise so as to be active and energetic and be regularly taken for examination by a veterinary doctor. Appropriate weigh-in schedules and feeding should be made to feed it three to four times in a day.


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