Keep your medications out of paws reach

Keep your medications out of paws reach

Posted 2014-09-02 by Sandy Ludinskifollow
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We have had a very stressful week with our daughter's 8 month old pup, Daisy, being admitted to the emergency pet hospital on Tuesday night!

Daisy is a mini foxy and she and our daughter moved into a house with friends a few weeks ago. On Tuesday afternoon one of the girls arrived home from work to find Daisy with a card of cold and flu tablets on the floor, and several were missing! Yes, Daisy had munched her way through several of the tablets. She had sniffed through a handbag and found them. Our daughter had woken that morning feeling like she had the flu. She'd put the tablets in her bag to take during work hours - and then left the bag in her bedroom.

Normally bedroom doors would be closed and Daisy would be locked in the yard for the day. But, it was raining heavily so the girls thought they'd be kind and let her stay inside. Add to that a broken bedroom door catch that the real estate people have on a list of maintenance to-do jobs, and the scene was set for disaster!

A rushed trip to the local vet resulted in a very quick trip to the emergency pet hospital where Daisy then spent three nights. It was a horrible time, with talk of pumping her stomach, giving her charcoal to induce vomiting, kidney damage, liver damage, breathing difficulties, anaemia and damage to the coating on her eyes. These were all possibilities we faced.

We are all so pleased to say that because the girls acted very quickly and the vet could start treatment in the early stages of absorption, Daisy has survived - something that was very uncertain that first night. She has had her eyes tested now and thankfully all is well. The care and treatment Daisy received by the specialist vet and vet nurses was wonderful - they really are special people with a great love for animals.

It's a very tough way to learn, but I'm sure there'll be no medication left within paw's reach in that household ever again!

Thank heavens for pet insurance, but even with the insurance, we know one young lady who will be taking a few extra shifts at work over the next couple of weeks, just to pay the bills!

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