How To Get Frame Worthy Pet Photos

How To Get Frame Worthy Pet Photos

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With the ease and accessibility of smartphones, and increased camera quality, anyone can take a photo at a moment's notice. Yet, all too often many of us are disappointed with our images, especially when our subject has four legs.

Fortunately, there are a few easy to follow steps that will help even the novice photographer capture aww-inspired images of their beloved pet.

Getting great photos of your pets can be tricky. Follow these tips for some great shots. Image credit A

Positive rewards work wonders
A little bribe never hurt, in fact, typically nothing helps more in getting the attention and cooperation of your pets than offering up a few scrumptious treats as a reward. This positive reinforcement is a great training technique and works wonders when asking a pet to hold still while you snap a picture.

Turn off the flash
Using a flash will ruin your image in almost every occasion. Glowing eyes and harsh light are typically all you'll get as a result. Fortunately, most cameras allow you to turn off this feature. Instead look for an opportunity to take photos of your pet when they are in the natural light coming from a window or when you are outdoors.

Get up close and personal
No need for a zoom lens, just moving a little closer to your pet will make them the true subject of the photo and chances are that closeness can help to elicit a certain expression or movement such as an outstretched paw or a slight tilt of the head.

Getting up close to your pet will create an image where they are more engaged with you. Image creditEdgar Oliviera

Get down on their level
Just like people, pets have angles that are more flattering than others. Ignore your initial instinct to shoot your pet from above and get down on their level instead. You'll find that there are many more angles and there for the taking, all of which will be more flattering and interesting.

Getting closer to your pet at their level will give you a better perspective than taking a photo from above. Image credit

Photograph them at home
If your pet feels comfortable and relaxed, your photos will reflect that. So find a place where they are completely comfortable. For many pets this will be at home.

Photograph them doing what makes them unique
Capture what makes them special. Just like people, our pets have unique personalities and capturing what makes them unique will allow us to treasure the photos even more.

Now that you are armed with these tips, go out and take some photos with your best friend and feel free to share them below!


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