How to Get Fit Happy for Free with Your Dog

How to Get Fit Happy for Free with Your Dog

Posted 2014-07-08 by Selina Shaplandfollow
Does your dog have 'OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm going for a walk,' excitement?

Mine does.

He gets so excited that he takes his lead in his mouth and happily prances me out the front door taking me for a walk.

Rocket loves going for a walk

Taking time out to go for a walk with your dog is not only good for your pooch, but helps to build a stronger bond between you.

There are numerous benefits to both us humans and our four-legged companions.

Here are a few benefits that quickly come to mind for me:

  • Walking is free, so everyone can afford to do it;

  • Walking along the street, along a track or the beach are great ways for you and your dog to enjoy nature and increase happiness endorphins;

  • Walking will help get you and your dog fit - I want more of that thank you very much;

  • Dogs are such great companions and fitness buddies too. Whether it's walking, jogging or running, dogs can not only keep pace, but often out walk, jog and run us. They challenge us to dig a little deeper and experience more of the world we live in.

  • When Rocket and I go for a walk, it can be a challenge sometimes because he is filled with boundless energy and the joy of being out in the world again. I do love that about him and other dogs too. They have a way of appreciating the simple things in life.

    One really good thing about Rocket, is that he isn't a dog who needs to pee on every blade of grass. No, he prefers to sniff at all the various smells and enjoy the pleasurable experience of being out doors.

    Personally, I gain great pleasure from watching how much Rocket loves walking. He prances and trots, sniffs and when he finds a particularly delicious smell, he drops to his belly to stop me from moving on. That's when I know I have to let him get his 'pee-mail.'

    Dogs have a way of seeing each moment as an opportunity for discovery. I think this is wonderful teaching for us humans to consider modelling, as life is so busy that we can and often do miss the important things that life has to offer.

    Rocket as puppy being a good boy on one of our very first puppyhuman walks

    Rocket, and the other beautiful dogs I have been blessed to have in my life have taught me:

  • to slow down and sniff the breeze;
  • to delight in the warmth of the sun;
  • to bliss out and trust in life; and
  • to expose my vulnerabilities to the world because things will turn out okay.

  • Dogs truly have a wonderful way of teaching us about living in the moment.

    Rocket taught me today that I really need some training on how to walk with him on a loose leash again. I am a strong believer good dog behaviour comes down to the amount of human training one has to understand and communicate effectively with our companions. So, it's back to training for me.

    Here's a great You Tube Video on How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash! by Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution:

    I hope you enjoy walking your dog and have many days of pleasure and learning from each other.

    This dog/human relationship is a very special one indeed.


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