Easy Way of Convincing Your Parents To Get You a Dog

Easy Way of Convincing Your Parents To Get You a Dog

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Family pets bring joy to a home, especially in homes with young kids. You will often find children clamoring to cradle the neighbor's Chihuahua on the sidewalk even going as far as wooing them to follow.

If you have vehemently asked for a puppy and kept your grades up to no avail, you could use a little help in convincing your parents. How do you get mom and dad to oblige and deliver that puppy on your next birthday? Here are tips on how to convince your parents to get a dog.

1) Pets cost money
As you may have guessed, acquiring a dog is not a cheap affair. Whether adopting a rescue or buying a breed, raising a pet comes with added expenses on food, medication, hiring a sitter, travel charges, etc.

Your parents have done the math and decided to put this money to better use such as starting a college fund. Make a list of any dog-related expenses you can think of and figure out ways of helping ease the financial burden.

If you are fifteen and above, consider finding a part-time job at your local fast food restaurant so you can chip in on the bills. If you are not legally allowed to work, suggest other ways you could help. For instance, if your parents have an organic garden in your backyard, offer to help out with watering and weeding plants. A little help will nudge your father in the right direction.

2) Do your homework
You must have heard this phrase more than a couple of times from your class master and your parents. We suggest the same, only this time you do your homework on the kind of dog you want.
Dogs come in different sizes and breeds. Each type of dog has its unique characteristics in temperament, behavior, maintenance needs, etc.

Grab a notepad and pen and write down everything you know about your preferred puppy.
Include the reasons why you want this particular dog, what it needs regarding food and board, and describe your role in the dog's life. Articulating your thoughts will not only earn you the respect of your parents but also show your level of commitment to this venture.

3) Demonstrate responsibility
Your parents may be holding off on getting you a puppy because they cannot imagine you taking care of the pet. Acquiring a family dog comes with an extra responsibility that may be too much for your mother to take on.

Promising to clean up after the puppy and take it for a walk every morning sounds like a great idea, but your parents may need some proof.

Demonstrate your responsibility by cleaning up after yourself, for instance, after dinner and keeping your room neat and clean. Impress them further by taking the initiative to do help out with household chores such as taking out the trash, folding laundry and even vacuuming. Being sensitive to your mother's plight of juggling household chores and taking care of the family will make her rule in your favor.

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4) Keep up with school
The biggest inhibition that most parents have when you float the idea of a puppy is school. They wonder what impact a puppy will have on your study hours and extra curriculum activities like sports. Ensure that you complete your homework every day on time and prepare well for your exams. Nothing says commitment better than a performance report card adorned with straight A's.

Make room for your dog without taking time away from your education. Remember, you must always think ahead and not allow distractions to ruin your chances of getting into a good college. Consider cutting back on your social life to make room for the puppy. For example, fewer trips to the mall with your mates will leave you ample time to accompany the dog for vaccination.

5) DIY projects
While researching on the breed of dog you want and promising to clean up after the dog is noble, your parents may still be adamant. Take your act a notch higher by bringing a sense of practicality. Are you good at construction?

If your latest science project is any indication, you are pretty much the pro when it comes to handling wood. So, why not put your carpentry skills to good use?

Do-it-yourself projects are fun and inexpensive to undertake. Fish around your backyard and garage for some timber and start sawing. Your mission here is to construct a crate for your puppy that is just around the corner. Ask for assistance from your parents and set up the kennel ahead of the puppy's arrival.

Knowing how to convince your parents to get a dog calls for an open mind. If your parents are still hesitant, be grown up about it and consider alternatives. Volunteering at the local pet shelter will fill the void and earn you points when applying to colleges in the same stride.


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