Controlling Your Pets Moulting

Controlling Your Pets Moulting

Posted 2015-03-21 by Alexandra Lazcanofollow

If the majority of your clothing isn't covered in fur, share your secret right now! Although it can seem annoying, there is a reason why your pets are shedding fur. They do it as a way to get rid of old, damaged or excess fur just as we get rid of any old dry skin by exfoliating. And again just like us, in warmer months they get rid of their thicker coats for a much cooler one.

However, sometimes there can be something more sinister in the works so if your pet is showing bald patches, see a vet.

They can also shed fur if they have skin irritations or if their diet is lacking certain vitamins. Here are five tips on how to manage all that fur.

This is the key to staying on top of fur getting matted as well as clumps being left around the house. Depending on your dog's or cat's breed, you may need to brush your pet daily or a few times a week. It's also a really lovely way to bond with your pet as it feels like a massage on their skin.

What they eat
Opt for grain-free protein rich pet food to aid their health and diet. After a few weeks you should notice their coat is shinier, healthier and they may shed less.

Yes it can be a pain but ultimately this will keep the fur from building up. Opt for a good quality vacuum cleaner - there are plenty on the market that are made for homes with pets. There are even some vacuums made for pets so you can vacuum the excess fur right off their backs.

General Hygiene
Remember, washing your dog's fur is good for them and can reduce shedding. Use pet shampoo as human shampoo is way too harsh on their skin and can cause dryness and skin irritations which may in turn cause more shedding. After bathing, give your pooch a good brushing.

Remember shedding is normal but if these tips don't work, you can see a vet at any time to chat about your concerns.


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