Choosing Toys for Your Staffie

Choosing Toys for Your Staffie

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The strength of a dog’s bite varies greatly from breed to breed, but one of the heavy hitters when it comes to chewing and biting is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Staffies are popular family dogs because of their loyal nature as well as their fearsome looks.

Like any dogs, staffies love to play but finding toys that can withstand more than a few minutes in their powerful jaws can be a real nightmare (and a costly one at that).

This staffie doesnt need much time to decimate a new toy

Not having any toys isn’t an option when it comes to staffies – they need to be able to get rid of excess energy, as well as exercise those powerful jaw muscles. However, with a bit of careful planning and a little know-how you can keep your staffie flush with toys without breaking the budget.

  • Don’t Fall for the Indestructible: There are quite a few dog toy ranges on the market that present themselves as impervious to damage. This is true when the toy is pitted against a labrador or poodle but your staffie can easily chew through the tough rubber and plastics these toys are made from. If you do intend to buy one of these toys, remember it won’t last forever and keep an eye on your dog while it plays with it to make sure it doesn’t begin to choke on the pieces it breaks off.

  • Break Out the Sewing Kit: To stretch the lifespan of your dog’s toys be prepared to do a little emergency fixing from time to time. You don’t have to be an expert seamstress to stitch a stuffed toy back together, all you need to know is how to thread a needle. For this job, the thicker the thread the better and don’t worry about making it look pretty. Stitch the area up multiple times, making little ‘x’s with the thread to give those pesky seams a bit more strength. Of course, not all toys can be saved, so it pays to keep an eye on how far your dog is getting along with the toy to make sure there’s something left to salvage.

  • The Power of Rope: Fabrics and rubber don’t pose much of a challenge for a staffie but a good thick rope can last years. It’s best to choose straight-up rope toys without any plastic attachments, just a few simple knots to give your dog something to gnaw on.

  • Bigger is Better: The power of a staffie’s jaws lies in the ability to clamp. If your staffie can’t get a good hold on the toy, it’s much harder for them to destroy it. Consider buying balls or toys that cannot be easily squished or flattened and that have a circumference greater than your dog’s jaw span.

  • Every dog needs a toy or two

    Dogs are like kids in the way that a good toy can become one of their best friends. Staffies can play very rough with their toys but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on this part of life. It’s up to you as their owner to choose the right toys.


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