Are Bones A Safe Treat For Dogs

Are Bones A Safe Treat For Dogs

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When we think of dogs and bones we automatically think the two go hand in hand, however we don't often think of the damage that could be caused if we give our pets this treat.

Raw or cooked bones, small or large; they all carry the same risks.

Some people believe that if they give their mighty big dog a small chicken bone there will be no harm done. This is not true. Although their dog may be lucky in that they were able to grind the bone down enough as to swallow it, owners don't often think of a pet swallowing a bone, only to have it get lodged or pierce the lining of their throat. I hate to describe that graphic image, but it needs to be said.

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The size of the pet does not matter either, each can be affected and the damage just as bad.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not give your dog bones:

•A bone can become lodged in a pets throat, thus compromising breathing and causing an animal to choke.

•Bones can be quite sharp and can cut the lining of the mouth or throat, or even puncture other structures on the way down to the stomach. This would require major emergency surgery and the outcome is not often a good one.

•Bones can also be quite hard and can fracture teeth when chewing.

Source via Please do not give your pet bones

Pets may love bones, but the risk that they carry is just not worth it. There are plenty other options for your pet, such as dental chews, Kong toys , pet toys etc. that will keep your pet just as happy minus the health risks.

Please think twice before giving your pet a bone! They may love them and have had them before with no problems, but would you really want to risk your pets health when there are so many great, safe alternatives?

Bones are NOT safe to give to dogs. If you know anyone that does give bones to their pets, please inform them of the information in this article. You could save a pets life.

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