A Pet Collage A Daily Reminder Of Your Baby

A Pet Collage A Daily Reminder Of Your Baby

Posted 2014-08-04 by Justine lovittfollow
Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at freedigitalphotos.net Surround yourself with images of your pet with a photo collage

For all of us, we have one thing in common – we all love our pets. As a reflection of this, a picture of my cat took its place quite naturally on my bench. And then another, and another. My neighbour, an exceptionally creative spirit, and who I thank for this idea, suggested an idea of a “pet collage”. Basically the steps for creating one are:

1. Have a number of photos of your pets in different situations. They may be doing “their thing” or “things” – for my cat sitting up in the tree, curled up in some comfortable position, or just being basically. Capture lots of shots, and keepsake the ones that are your favourites, and also the ones that just turn out well. We can have lots of favourites but if they are blurry or just don’t do justice to our pet, they might not be ‘keepers’.

2. At the same time, collect a variety of frames – I have chosen an eclectic range. Some are obviously designed for cats, with cats melded on them or “I love my cat” below. Some are glittery, some are beaded. These do not have to be expensive. The majority of my frames were bought from op-shops for one to three dollars. Occasionally, if I felt a frame was really really special, I would go to a ‘regular’ shop and pay a little extra.

3. If you do not want to run the risk of ruining wall paper, should these hooks be removed at any time, collect enough hooks. However, my neighbour has said from her experience “command hooks” are the only ones you can be sure of that won’t remove the wall paper when you remove them.

4. Cut the photos to fit the frames. This requires measuring the perimeters of the frames, and then measuring the photo accordingly. However, cut it fractionally larger than the frame – for example – if it is a 10 cm by 10cm, cut your photo 11cm by 11cm. The reason for this is that it does not risk ‘space’ being revealed and you can move your photo slightly to optimise positioning. For example, I have Suzie (my cat) in her favourite bush. I can reposition her slightly so more Suzie and less bush is shown this way.

5. Now comes the time to arrange where you want to place the photos on the wall. Once you feel you have collected ‘enough’ – for me this has reached 13 photos – because any more is just ‘overdoing’ it for me. It is a very personal thing. Some people may think 6 photos are more than enough. However, there is nothing stopping you covering your whole wall if you wish! Mark the place where the photos are to go in pencil. My neighbour has helped me with this. However, if you feel you are confident, arrange the frames perhaps by decorative style, for example my beaded frames are in close proximity. Or colour, or what your pet is doing. It really is entirely up to you.

6. Place the hooks down following the instructions on the pack. However, leave them there for 24 hours before you place the photo on. This gives the hook time to be glued to the wall effectively so that the photo won’t be at risk of falling down. This will happen if you try to put the photo on straight away.

7. It may take time for your collage to reach full fruition. For me, it has evolved over time.

8. Look and enjoy!


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