5 PetFriendly Cleaning Products

5 PetFriendly Cleaning Products

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Pets bring so much joy to our lives and homes, but they always come with a degree of responsibility. How do you keep your home clean without harming your animal companion? To give you a helping hand, here are 5 pet-friendly cleaning products that won't harm even the most curious of cats (or dogs...).


Insecticides represent the biggest challenge for pet owners. You want something that can kill bugs and other pests, but not strong enough to have any influence on your own pets? Unfortunately, dogs and cats have a habit of sniffing where they shouldn't, so you can't trust normal bug killers. Instead, use nature’s own weapons and try a natural pesticide. Using only organic materials, you'll find your pets aren't at risk, but bugs will die just as easily. Ecosmart, for instance, produce a wide range of such products from plant oils. Their bed bug killer only costs around $8.00 and is perfect for cleaning the bed without having to keep your furry friend away from their favorite sleeping spot!

Odor Cleansers

As much as we love them, pets can smell. A good odor eater is important in any home, but those with pets need it more so. Fortunately, biodegradable formulas such as the Stain Odor Remover from Eco-Care (around $30 for a big spray bottle) are an ideal answer. The natural, biodegradable materials means you don't need to worry about leaving this on the carpet. It will pass through your pet's system just fine and will still hide any smells that may or may not have been the dog's fault. You could also use natural fragrances, such as plants and fruits, but many pets like to nibble and gnaw at these, making them ineffective very quickly.

Surface Cleaners

Pets, whether they are hungry or not, are often drawn to the kitchen and the wide, flat surfaces make ideal licking or sniffing targets. As such, you shouldn't use a typical cleaning spray, as you never know how these chemicals might interact with your pet. Instead, try the Disinfectant Multi-Cleaner from Seventh Generation for a multipurpose spray. At less than 5 bucks for a 26 oz spray, this product is well known as a pet-friendly solution. Similarly, if you're in a pinch, try using citric acid from a lemon. The natural acidity helps kill germs and, better yet, the sour taste might put dogs off licking in the first place.


Bleach, despite its uses, often leaves harmful fumes. Humans know better but innocent pets may inhale these chemicals, causing problems over time. Pets often have a fascination with our bathrooms, so you can't always assume your innocent companion doesn't investigate when you're not looking. It's important then, to find a safe, animal-friendly bleach for use on sinks, toilets and other heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Most shops now stock some natural alternative, often under a name such as 'toilet cleaner' to differentiate from traditional bleaches and hair products. Find one that's thick enough for your needs with only natural ingredients and you have a much safer way to clean the toilet!


Claws, paws and wooden floors seldom go hand-in-hand, as animals will inevitably scratch up the polish. However, with an animal-friendly polish, you won't mind applying a new layer, knowing it's not harming anyone at home! Fortunately there are many natural cleaners available. Method Squirt Mop (usually around $5 or $6) is just one example. Made from natural ingredients, these won't cause a problem for any animal. Just ensure you pick one with no wax. Although natural, this sticky substance can cause a number of health problems if digested. While wax gives the thick protection typically desired, a good vegetable oil delivers similar results without the risks.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to clean the home without risking your beloved pet’s health. Better yet, many of these are easy to find and don't cost more than what you're using already. If you want the best for your pet, but also want to keep a tidy home, isn't it time you had both?


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