3 Things I Miss About My Fluffy Dog Sutay

3 Things I Miss About My Fluffy Dog Sutay

Posted 2017-01-19 by Jeff Caceresfollow

It is less than a year since Sutay passed away. She is one of the dogs that I liked to cuddle and carry along on my shoulder. By the way, Sutay is a mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese breed. Her mother was Sweet, my favorite dog of all time.

Sutay was a beautiful mixed brown and white fluffy dog who is my second favorite next to Sweet. I have so many memorable moments with Sweet ever since she became part of our family. Sweet's first puppies were Sutay and Sitoy.

A few years later, my parents decided to let Sutay become a mother herself. As a result, she had three puppies named Shok-Shok, Scow, and Soting. In the picture above, this is where Sutay's puppies are still in their early days. Right now, they are the same size as Sutay and Sitoy.

Years later, Sutay's life was short-lived due to a degenerative skin illness. However, I will not forget the memories that Sutay left behind for the entire family.

Without further ado, here are the three things that I have missed from Sutay:

1) Sutay's soprano voice

One reason why Sutay is different than the other fluffy dogs in the house is her barking voice. Sweet and Soting's barking voice are not that high. They are no match to Sutay's high pitch barking voice.

When Sutay barks most of the time, I am a bit shocked because of her high pitch. This is something I miss about her.

2) Sutay lets someone else do the breastfeeding

This is something that I had never expected. Sutay gave birth to three puppies but there was a problem. Sutay can't provide a lot of milk for her puppies.

As a result, my family and I tried to let them breastfeed from their grandmom, Sweet. It worked for Sweet, and I can't believe Sutay allowed it. Not only that, Sutay licked her puppies when they were feeding from their grandmom Sweet.

3) Sutay's toughness inside the house

Lastly, Sutay was a tough mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese in the house. We have a couple of big dogs named Sarah (Belgian) and Scooby (German Shepherd), and she was not afraid of them.

When one of them tried to steal her dog food, Sutay was aggressive and defended her food. Even if these big dogs tried to fight back, Sutay's toughness was unmatched. She fought back fiercely, with the result that the big dogs gave up and left her alone. Unlike the other fluffy dogs, they are not as fierce as her.

Final words

Sutay is not like my favorite dog Sweet, but my family and I will remember her as one of the most amazing fluffy dogs I have known in my whole life.

Sutay, I miss you so much!


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