10 New Years Resolutions for You And Your Pet

10 New Years Resolutions for You And Your Pet

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The old saying is new year, new you, and as cliché as it sounds, most people are making resolutions with those exact intents. The new calendar year is usually the best time to make those dramatic changes to your lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. But this year, maybe it’s not just you that your resolution should be thinking of. Include your cat, dog, bird, or whatever sort of pet you have in your attempts to turn your life around and start 2018 out great. Here’s ten suggestions on how to make the most of your new year with some pet-inclusive resolutions.

1. See New Places
Make time in the new year to visit new places. Even if it’s just checking out a new park in your area, exploring new environments can be a revitalizing experience that changes your outlook on the rest of the year. Road trips are also great opportunities to make lasting memories to share with your friends, particularly the furry four-legged ones. Come up with things to do while you’re on the road or at your destination with your pets, so the vacation can include everyone, regardless of species.

Picture by Cat Mapper Max Ogden Unsplash under Creative Commons 2.0

2. Exercise Regularly
Dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle for you and your pet. Schedule regular trips to the gym, long scenic walks, and plenty of high-energy play time for your pet. The key to this resolution is consistency, so start out small in regular intervals and add up as your schedule permits. Before long, your weekly gym trips and dog walking will become a daily occurrence, and your body and your pet will thank you for it.

3. Find a Hobby
Take up a new hobby, or see about teaching your old dog some new tricks . Whether you’re learning an instrument or learning to cross stitch, a hobby can help sharpen your mind and provide something to do while bored. Get your pet involved with training a new command or habit to really keep them stimulated. Cats and dogs who feel their owners engage with them tend to be the most contented pets.

4. Spend More Time with Friends and Family
Everyone has those few people they’ve lost touch with, and the new year is the perfect opportunity to reconnect. Likewise, you can find new potential playmates for your pet and allow them to socialize with their own. While they may be excited and your very best friend, you can’t be the only social interaction your dog or cat has all the time.

5. Eat Healthier
Both you and your pet deserve the very best nutrition. Cut out fast food and other overly processed meals. Consult your pet’s veterinarian about a possible newer, healthier diet for your pet, including treats and snacks. Don’t just grave throughout the day on small meals, time your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be around the same time daily. Eating at regular times during the day can be a helpful way in adjusting yourself and your pet to a new diet.

6. Get a Full Physical
Too often does this fall by the wayside with health, but it’s an invaluable tool to coordinate future choices for a healthier lifestyle. Schedule it with your doctor and listen to their input, and make sure to continue to do so yearly. Your pet can also benefit from a yearly full physical examination to keep them living long, happy, and healthy with you.

7. Be Spontaneous
All this talk of scheduling and planning can make the coming year sound far too boring and calculated. Don’t let yourself get into a rut because of all this planning: be spontaneous. Pick a day, any day, and do something you haven’t done before.

8. Groom Regularly
Whether you’re getting it done professionally or doing it at home in the bathtub, keep the furry four-legged one clean with at least a monthly wash. Nail trimming is also a must, because even with usual wear, a dog’s nails can get exceptionally long and sharp. Do a favor to everyone in your pup’s life and have them clipped to a reasonable length.

9. Take Lots of Photos
While you don’t have to pull out the camera for every moment, chronicle every good moment with your pet. Unfortunately, their time is more limited than ours, so hold on to every memento of the good times with them. Plenty of people create Instagram profiles specifically for their dogs and cats, so try that out for a fun way to make memories you can share with other pet lovers.

Picture by Matthias Zomer Pexels under Creative Commons 2.0

10. Have Fun Every Day
These tips and suggestions for a better, healthier you and your pet are meaningless if you aren’t enjoying yourself. It’s okay to bend the rules you set for the year, so long as you don’t break them, as long as it’s going to improve how you look back on your 2018.


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