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Would you confront someone if you saw an act of animal cruelty taking place?

by Maria (follow)
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There have been a few reports in the news lately of animal cruelty, one being a man tying a dog to the back of a motorbike and driving off with the dog being dragged behind.

If you saw something like this would you step in? Or what would you do?

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Top Answers
I would absolutely approach the perpetrator and have words and wouldn't hesitate screaming to bring attention to the behaviour or cruelty taking place.

I would also immediately call the police and take a photo of the person / car / anything that may prove identification.

I was actually in the situation where a homeless guy (who wasn't all together there) tried kicking my dog while we were out walking (we were totally minding our own business). I quickly picked my dog up fortunately the he didn't suffer the full brunt of the kick. Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone with me (of all times) but I started yelling at the top of my voice and asking people for help. The guy ran away but people around me were fantastic in helping me try to find him, including a convenience store owner who took myself and my dog into his shop and offered us water etc ... I reported the matter to the police, and although they couldn't do much, they were able to recognise the guy from my description (he had very specific shoes) for someone was homeless.
As it turned out he was known to police.

Subsequently I take my phone with me on all walks !

Good job!
by mkdan
I most certainly would. I would confront the individual take photos to help with the identification of the individual/s concerned and also phone the police, the RSPCA and any other organization or individual I thought might be able to do something about it. I would also scream my head off to attract the attention of as many passers by as possible. I have done it in the past and would not hesitate to do it again.

Good for you Annek! I absolutely loathe any sort of mistreatment of animals & I'd do anything within my power to stop it.
I wouldn't confront the person, because if they are cruel to their pet, they are likely to hurt me too. I would call the police/RSPCA.
I have made phonecalls to the local council and RSPCA to complain about the treatment of a couple of animals in my area. I wouldn't confront them because I have to live near them and they don't strike me as particularly affable people.
I'd get so mad I think I'd literally go for the creep involved. I couldn't walk away as I'd be so upset that I'd be constantly worrying about the poor animal being mistreated. I'd also call the police & make so much noise about what they were doing that everyone in the vicinity would know about it. Grrrr - I hate people who mistreat animals. They are the lowest of the low.
I witnessed personal abuse at the hands of my previous landlady. I was in a difficult position so could not call the RSPCA. I took the cat on myself and moved into a house with him.. Now he is very happy, and has become a loving best friend. Normally I would definitely call the authorities without question, but it was a difficult situation to be in.
I would step in.
It's very much like a helpless child, to me anyway.
I would call Police with rego number if I saw any animal being dragged behind a bike too.
I stand up to people who do this stuff, they are total Ratbags!
It amazes me how people with a soul can't have a heart!
by mkdan
Absolutely without a doubt i would try to stop it and if I could not then I would call the police and the rspca and not leave until I was sure that the animal was now safe
I like to think that I would. Animals have rights too!
ABsulutely!!! Shall we dragg him and see how it feels? People like this should put in jail straight away, no bail. Be tied and dragged prison and see if there is a lesson he/she learnt. They get off too easy. If you not going to look after any kind of animal, don't have it. If you feel you vant manage to look after it, find a good home. They need love uncondionally as they give it to is.
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