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Where do you buy your pet's flea and worm treatments?

by Maria (follow)
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From my own experience of entering pet shops and supermarkets to ask for information on products (for research purposes only!), the staff are quite young, sometimes school goers who do not have a lot of experience or knowledge about the product they are selling.

I know from a veterinary perspective, it is quite unsettling to see these people being allowed to sell a flea or worming treatment without the training and knowledge to do so, and at present, vets are working to get these products made veterinary only products.

Do you buy your pets flea and worm treatments from a veterinary practice, pet shop or supermarket?

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Top Answers
I usually buy them from the vets
I've always bought mine at the supermarket along with the groceries. They're cheaper than buying through a vet or pet store, and have always worked quite effectively.
Our pets have never had fleas before, but if they did, we would get them from either the pet store or the vet depending on how bad the case was.
I worked at a Pet Shop and received training from Bayer and Frontline so that I could advise customers of the correct flea and working products. The majority of products sold are through pet shops so I would doubt that Vets would be able to stop the companies offering their products to pet shop customers. Pet Shops are not allowed to give off label advice.
We have now switched to the natural organic treatment. We are using Diatomaceous Earth. I buy it at the pet shop and online.
Looks like baby powder and I put half a teaspoon in their morning and evening meal. We have been using it for 3 months and this is the 1st summer we have not had a single flea. I am very happy to not have to use the highly toxic conventional flea treatments...highly recommend it !
From my vet. They know their field, so they know what products to recommend. I am using the same sjampoo and flea and tick spray for years and vet food too. It may sound expensive, but at the long run you have a healthy pet and you are happy!!
I work in the pet care industry, and i have seen some serious complications from supermarket products. I have seen puppies dying from hook worm anaemia from being wormed with exelpet. I have seen dogs riddled with fleas and suffering flea allergy dermstitis because they are wearing flea collars or using super market top spots. What people don't know is that the active ingredients in duper market brands are de-registered products that are released to the open market for producers because they are deemed no longer effective. PLEASE if you are getting a new puppy or kitten DO NOT use supermarket brands for them. If you are worried about cost, ask your vet if they are obay, an online vet supply, they have massive bulk storage so can offer generous discounts but you need your vet code.
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