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The Look Of Love Lasts A Lifetime

by angelstar (follow)
Natisha Field
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Picture of childrens book I wrote dedicated to Scoobydoo

I have always loved dogs my whole life. While I was growing up as a child my wonderful parents always had at least two dogs at a time, sometimes they would have four to enjoy.

It was at a young age that I found my love of dogs. When they are around life can be so much more enjoyable and it feels good to be loved unconditionally. That’s right no hassles, no back chat or no lies, no questions asked just “Love”. I had always wanted to own my own dog but so many different situations arose in my life that it was too difficult to have one.

Handsome Scoobydoo going for a drive
Scooby doo by Angelstar

A light bulb moment happened one day “get a dog”. Right that sounded like a good idea, it would give me protection and love. I woke up the next day and went on a search for the right dog, but how was I going to know which one suited me? My next door neighbour at the time had a friend who had 8 black Labrador puppies for sale. That it was, the sign I needed to begin finding my lifetime companion.

I was really excited of the thought of having my very own dog. Then I thought to myself, “What do I call him and what breed should I get?” A lot of questions were going around in my head all at once. The next day I arrived at the friend’s, house walked inside and there in the corner of the room were all the adorable puppies in a dog pen. So cute and cuddly with whimpering voices, it was beautiful to see.

I looked around at all of them jumping up and down to say “pick me”. Except one very little pup, he sat all by himself. Our eyes locked together at the same time and then he smiled at me. I knew there and then that he was the one right for me. I played with him for a while and then paid my money and took him home.

This was it just me and him learning all about new rules and boundaries in the house. The lady told me he was the runt of the pack, still quite big. I only wanted a dog that would grow no bigger than 20 kg , I didn’t fancy having a large dog or even a male one but when I saw him those things flew out the window.

I had not even thought of a name for him yet so I gave it some thought for a while I was stuck on a name to suit him, so I rung my mother in New Zealand and described his features, size, breed and type of personality that I could see now and she said “Scooby doo,” that is what he sounds like. She was spot on because he was a bit clumsy and goofy looking with a face a bit like Scooby doo, that was my answer. Great now he had a name and I started to bond with him, he had a very cheeky and bouncy personality. That was just what I needed to bring joy and laughter into my new life at that time when I was going through a bad break up.

Handsome Scoobydoo going for a drive
Scooby doo by Angelstar

From day one we became best friends, he was such a funny dog with sneaky ways that I used to pretend I did not see, but I would have a little chuckle to myself. One particular incident I can remember was when I had put a new loaf of bread on the kitchen bench. He quickly and slyly moved his paw to push it onto the floor, then he picked it up and ran off very fast. It was a bit like the Hansel and Gretel story but this side of the story was he kept leaving breadcrumbs as a trail to find him. I let him have his fun, then surprised him. He was hiding under a tree down the very back of my yard.

Made my day and my life always. That was 15 years ago when he came into my life. Sadly he left this world 10 months ago...... Has left a treasured memory with me forever. I wrote a children's book dedicated to him. He is the black puppy the other is my rescue dog.

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