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The best lead and collar for your dog

by Maria (follow)
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If you are new to owning a dog, it can be quite daunting getting used to every product and necessary accessories needed for your new pet.

Choosing a collar and lead may seem like an easy decision, but it's not all about pretty colours and patterns. Certain issues should be thought about before making the purchase, which in the long term will save you time and money.

Some of the things that need to be considered when choosing a collar and lead for your dog are:

Will I need to buy another collar in a few months because my pet has grown out of it and it no longer fits?
Is my pet a restricted breed? Are there certain requirements by law such as lead length, muzzle attachment, and lead thickness.
Is my pet a chewer ie. will they chew through a material lead or is a chain lead needed - or maybe even a harness?

A lot of dog owners don't think about these things and then often find themselves lost when having to choose a lead and collar.

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Choosing a collar and lead for your puppy

When first buying a collar for your puppy, you need to make sure it is the correct length so it can be safely worn by your pet. The easiest way to do this is to get a measuring tape and measure your pets neck. Please remember that a correctly fitted collar will allow you to still fit two or three fingers under the collar when it is on your puppy's neck. Doing this will give you a better idea on which collar to pick up at the store as it is often difficult to guess if it will fit your pet.

Once your pet is not on the restricted breeds list, the lead can be as long as you wish. Just keep in mind that it should only be as long as you feel you can control. Retractable leads are a great idea for parks or public places where your pet cannot roam free but gives your pet a sense of freedom whilst being safely controlled.

Please note: Puppies grow! Please remember to frequently check the collar to see that it is still a correct fit.

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Restricted breeds

Remember to check the restricted breed guidelines for whichever state or country you are in as many can differ regarding safety guidelines and also what is classed as a restricted breed.

Restricted breed owners often have a bit more to think about when it comes to buying leads, collars and other safety accessories.

For example: In Western Australia, a dog that is of the restricted breed variety MUST wear a collar with fluorescent red and yellow diagonal stripes, MUST be muzzled and MUST be controlled usually by a chain, cord or harness no longer than 2 metres which MUST be under the control of an adult. This is just a snippet from the guidelines which must be adhered to.

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Fussy Pets

There are always a number of pets that, no matter what we try, they will not walk correctly using an old fashioned, nylon lead. One great way of dealing with this issue is by using a harness instead of a regular collar and lead. Using a harness often makes them forget that they are wearing a lead at all.

Another idea for pets who like to take the lead in their mouth as they are walking, is to use a chain lead. The taste and feel of the cold chain in their mouth usually deters them from holding on to the lead.

And Finally.....

Probably the most fun part of choosing a collar and lead for your pet is to choose the colour and pattern. Dog accessories have really come a long way in the last few years, making it so much easier for your pet to be belle of the doggy ball or a canine fashionista.

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