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The Benefits of Pet Ownership

by Maria (follow)
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There are a lot of reasons why our pets are so special to us. Many of us seek comfort in their presence, they are a friend who is always there to listen to our problems, although they may not always give the best advice! They are fabulous company and keep us entertained with their crazy antics.

However, pet ownership is a huge responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. It can be an expensive venture but you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Source via morguefile.com

If you are on the fence about owning a pet, why not give the following points a read and see how owning a pet can benefit your life.

They give us a reason to exercise

Obviously this is directed to prospective dog owners, although there are some exercise driven cats out there too! Dogs need to be walked everyday, not just for there physical well being but also there mental well being. A dog that is kept locked up in a garden all day will become bored, and often is the start of bad behaviour.

Having a dog is a great excuse to get yourself outdoors and start exercising. Its a fun and rewarding experience - and you won't even notice the time going by.

It is also a great way to meet new people and other pet owners - major plus!

They allow us to meet new people

As mentioned above, when you go to the park or for a stroll with your pet, it is more than likely you will bump into other pet owners.

Another great way of meeting new people is taking part in puppy pre-school, obedience classes or dog training. Usually the other people at these events will be first time puppy parents too, so it's a great way to break the ice and talk about this similar interest.

Source via morguefile.com

Their friendship is like no other

It is no secret that most of us talk to our pets as if they were actually human, I am definitely guilty of this!

Cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, rodents... they are all great company and will be some of the best friends you ever have. They may not always have the most sound advice, but will always be there with a listening ear.

They give us a sense of responsibility

Pet ownership brings many responsibilities. There is a lot to think about - nutrition, husbandry, health, veterinary appointments, obedience... the list is endless!

However, I can guarantee that having this sense of responsibility will benefit you in so many other aspects of your life.

Education for kids

This ties in with the sense of responsibility mentioned above. Letting your child take part in the care of your pet will not only teach them rules and responsibility but will definitely benefit them as they get older.

If we can teach our kids from a young age the proper way to treat and take care of an animal, then I really hope in the future there will be less cases of neglect or abuse seen in animal rescue shelters and centres. Owning a pet is a fabulous educational tool.

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