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Ten Great Reasons to Own One or Two Whippets

by Finy (follow)
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I recently lost my German Shorthair Pointer to cancer, and straight away decided I needed another dog, partly as company for my other dog, Dash.


I went through a lot of breeds, tried getting a dog from a shelter, and found it was almost easier to adopt a baby than get anyone to answer from the five or six shelters I emailed regarding particular dogs.

I then thought, “better the devil you know”, and decided to get another whippet.

Bonnie -the new girl on the block!

Although whippets are usually healthy dogs who do not generally have hereditary problems, I was unlucky in choosing Dash, my first whippet. I chose an eastern States breeder who was quite new, and apparently he bred with a faulty gene. Hence my Dash is now almost blind. The Ophthalmologist said he has never seen this disease in a whippet before, and one of the reasons I quickly got another dog is that this dog seemed so sad, and hardly moved after my GSP had to be put down.

Happily, he is now a different dog after I eventually found a 5 year old whippet in my own State, and could look at the breeder's other dogs, and parents etc.


This time I chose a breeder who has been breeding for many years.

The following are just ten of the many reasons to own two whippets:

1. They have no smell –this is basically because if they had a smell when they hunt, the rabbits would sense this, and would run.


2. They are fun loving, and are fascinating to watch when they run. I have taken many pictures but because they run so fast, the pictures are generally blurry!

3. They are very loyal.

4. They love to be inside with humans, often snuggling on your lap if you allow it.


5. They are not vicious and if they attack, it is only a nip and not a full blown fight.

6. They are very healthy and sturdy despite looking somewhat fragile.

7. They are a medium height, and only weigh up to 15 kilos.

8. They do not yap like smaller dogs.

9. They are highly intelligent.

oh, and they do seem to love beds

10. They are happy if you can exercise them, however they do OK even if you do not.


These are just ten of the reasons to own a whippet -there are more!

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Your two whippets are lovely! One of the great things about the sight hounds is they love just lounging around if that's what you want, or to race around the place if you're up for some exercise.

We have three pharaoh hounds with that kind of temperament. They're either racing around the yard, or curled up asleep somewhere soft!

Carolyn -I could not find a Pharaoh hound to buy so ended up getting a second whippet and she is a darling! AND I got her in Perth and could therefore see parents, speak to breeder etc , unlike my first whippet who is now almost blind.
by Finy
I'm glad the breeder of your new whippet is such a good breeder - as a former dog breeder myself, I know the importance of doing the right thing for both my dogs, and the new owners of the dogs I've bred.
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