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Should new pet owners be required to pass a suitability test or background check?

by Maria (follow)
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More and more animal cruelty and welfare cases are brought to our attention everyday on TV. When we hear of this horrible cruelty we often question how that person was allowed care of an animal in the first place.

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There has been talks of some countries asking prospective owners to take an exam before they can adopt or purchase an animal.

Do you think that this exam would be a good idea?
Do you think a thorough background check should be carried out to see if they are suitable?
Or should there be no restrictions on anyone who wants to adopt or purchase an animal?

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Top Answers
This should have been done years and years ago!

I'm so over hearing dreadful stories of people who think Animals are just for fun.
Lets get rid of it after Christmas, because it did a poo on the carpet!

More consideration for the animal..
Animal should win every time, in my opinion.That is a test of Love.

Where have the rights of the poor animal been all these years.
I say RESTRICTIONS full on.

For people who can not read or write or any other issue, someone can help with the test....ask the questions, and write the answer for that person...I doubt many would fudge it, and even then...it is far better than what is in place now.
You can tell a lot about written applications and tests, I have had to deal with them over the years...'holes' do appear, and they have to answer for that question that was in doubt.

Animals need to be protected.Full Stop.
Not the owners, because the owners call all the shots.
I have seen dreadful animal cruelty, and they are like children...at the mercy of the one who looks after them.

I say brilliant idea!
agree with u the whole way
by casey
Many reputable breeders of pure bred dogs are very careful to ensure their puppies go to owners who are willing and able to give their new puppy the best possible care. Some breeders require prospective puppy owners to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire before they will even consider the possibility of selling them a puppy; others interview people, some deliver puppies to their new homes so they can check out the fencing, facilities etc. and some do all of these things. Many breeders also provide new owners with a lot of written information about caring for, feeding and training their new puppy.

However, so called back-yard breeders and many pet shops, all of whom are more interested in making a profit, will sell their puppies to anyone who can pay the price. I think it would be excellent if people buying puppies from these sources could be checked out in some way to make sure they are suitable pet owners, but I can see that, sadly, it would be almost impossible to enforce and police such requirements.
It would definitely make people think twice before getting a pet. I think it is a good idea for first time pet owners, but for those who have had pets for years (and looked after them), I don't think it should be necessary.

Theoretically it is a good idea, but practically it would be a pain the butt and expensive to set up.
I'm not sure an exam is a good idea. There are those who are articulate and good at comprehending and answering questions, and there are those with limited skills in that area. This shouldn't be an indication of whether they will make good pet owners. An alternative could be a hands-on training session.
I think that a prospective pet owner should be throughly checked before being allowed to own an animal. I used to breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers and carefully screened all those who contacted me wanting a puppy. I also visited their home and kept in touch for the first 2 years. Things can change and we do not have control over everything that happens but it is essential to do everything possible to ensure that someone who wants a puppy/kitten etc understands exactly what they are taking on. To be able to get an animal too easily can result in the animal being neglected or abused.

I would also like to see some sort of testing applied to people who want to become parents for the same reasons!
How would you police it? I would think that education is the missing link here - potential pet owners need education first and foremost.
simply "yes
I think that some thing must be done. Here people can give away free kittens and puppies on a local site, the only thing is some of those little creatures are going out as food for snakes. These people laugh about feeding kittens to snakes saying that they have to eat also. I just cry when I think of a small animal going into a cage with a snake in it. Please we have to do something to protect these wee things. If neutering and spaying were with in the cost of most people we wouldn't have an animal problem. The blame comes down to greedy vets and government lack of funding and caring.
I think it should be applicable to all countries. I think most people have seen cruelty, neglect on way or the other. The recent photo of the staffie on @facebook with the tape wrapped around his mouth. This could be prevented if the owner had a checkout and exan.
I have a head up for anyone who had fleas in their homes. If you put about 3 drops of Apple cider vinegar in their water dishes, and put out a small bowl of regular vinegar in each room the fleas will be gone before you know it.
I agree with the no. 2 answer for sure!
most certainly do any n all checks as possible

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