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Say NO to Animal Testing- Imagine Your Cat Or Dog Blinded by Our Vanity

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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dog in cage
- Image courtesy of sixninepixels at freedigitalphotos.net/ Cosmetics we wear to enhance our appearance are tested on rabbits, mice, and even cats and dogs.

You may have seen the logo or statements that certain products are not tested on animals- but do you look for this assurance every time you buy something?

It may sound harmless enough - I had imagined cosmetic testing on animals involved applying a little of the product to their fur to see if any allergic reaction occurred.

However, as I will describe, the implications for the animal are much more serious if you, like myself, view animals as sentient beings capable of suffering, that also have a right to dignity and respect.

Animals aren't concerned with wearing lipstick or mascara - they just want to be free, are born to be free. Even if it was as minor as an allergic reaction, shouldn't it be our responsibility as adult humans to test it on our own skin. Cosmetics, after all, are not vital to our well-being - living in the developed world, they are in fact a luxury.

In actual fact though, animals are captured against their will. Mostly the cosmetic in question to be tested is applied to the mucous membrane of the animals' eyes or nose. This often results in blindness. Imagine a rabbit, once free and happy, living the rest of his life blind because we want to look beautiful.

By the way, at this point I will say, that I am no hypocrite. Up until now, I had not investigated the matter fully and had also used cosmetics tested on animals. However after research, I felt saddened by how sad the repercussions were for the helpless victims of our utilitarian society. I also want to mention that there are cosmetics not tested on animals - from the Body Shop and Australis, for example. The way you can tell is if there is a 'flying bunny' logo at the bottom of the product. But be sure you know your logos. This report from Choice is a great resource for understanding labeling in cosmetics.

Cruelty free; no animal testing; cruelty free logo
Image courtesy of www.choice.com.au

Going back to the effects of testing on animals, not only is there blindness, but lethal dose testing is common - the lethal dose of the product needed to kill 50% of animals being tested.

There are alternatives. There is suffering for animals. We really do only have one choice.

Do you have a favourite product or brand that is Cruelty Free? Share it with us here.

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My family had a pet dog identical to the dog on your article. Sure brings back memories. His name was "Hershey". Thanks for sharing the picture.
That's an interesting note regarding the different logos. Thank you for pointing that out as I would expect the "unofficial" logos on the right to have the same standards as the logos on the left. Something to keep in mind for future purchases.
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