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Recycled Puppy Toys

by You Lucky Dog (follow)
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pet toys, recycled pet toys, green pet, puppy toys
I'm helping the environment and my local charity shop!

Keeping your puppy occupied and supplied with plenty of toys does not need to be overly expensive. You can spoil your pooch and help out your local charity or op-shop at the same time by purchasing second hand soft toys.

Most charity shops will have a kids section full of pre-loved stuffed animals. These soft toys can make inexpensive snuggly toys for your little puppy.

pet toys, recycled pet toys, green pet, puppy toys

Here are a few tips to help you select suitable toys for your puppy:

1. Look for soft toys designed for babies. Since these toys are designed to be chewed on they will generally present little danger for choking. Baby toys are often durable and low on stuffing making them the ideal starting toy for your puppy.

2. Remove anything that can be swallowed. This includes plastic eyes, buttons, ribbons or other attachments that your puppy may tear off.

3. Hard plastic toys are not ideal for your puppy’s delicate teeth. It will be better to invest in a durable plastic chew toy designed specifically for puppies, like the Kong Puppy Toy.

Remember, your new puppy will need supervision. If any of their toys becomes ripped, torn or otherwise dangerous it is best to discard it. If you use a little common sense and some innovation you can save money and keep your pet entertained. Finding new uses for unwanted items is one way that you can have a “Green” and happy pet.

Do you have any creative ways to keep your puppy entertained? Leave us a comment or join Family Pet News to share your tips and ideas.

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