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Prevent puppy boredom

by Gwen (follow)
Gwen O'Toole is the director of a boutique event management and creative services company, The Ideas Library. Visit www.TheIdeasLibrary.com.au
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Just like children, puppies can get bored too and if they're left neglected and bored they can quickly develop some pretty nasty habits such as destructive chewing and barking. If your new puppy gets bored it can pick up bad behavioural habits, and these can be hard to break

Puppy Leanne Lai
New puppies need a lot of attention and activities to keep them active to prevent destructive habits from forming. Image credit: Leanne Lai/sxc.hu

Start off by playing with your new puppy. Puppies in a litter will normally learn by playing with their siblings, since they typically won't have their siblings around, they'll do the same by playing with you.

Start showing correct behaviour when you see the puppy doing the wrong one. Give a treat and praise him when he performs the right behaviour. Right from the start, show your puppy what is right, and what is wrong to make sure it never gets confused.

Don't scold your puppy too much, as you don't want them growing up frightened of you.

If you start to notice excessive licking, it can be a sign that your puppy is bored. However, if the licking is constantly in the same spot, take a look to see if there is any indication of something wrong or if it's tending to an injury.

dog and toy
Make sure your puppy has a chew toy so that they direct their chewing to something that's theirs and not yours (like your shoes!) Image credit: Rene Jorgesen

Most puppies will eventually begin to chew things. Pretty much anything they can get their mouth on is in danger of being chewed, so be vigilant. Give your puppy a toy or two that are theirs, and they can chew as much as they like. Don't give them the chance to chew on your favourite pair of shoes. Praise them for chewing on the right thing, play with them too, so they know that chewing that one is fun.

A whining puppy can be hard to deal with at times, especially in the middle of the night. Checking on them may quieten them down, but it also reinforces the idea that whining gets attention, so try not to look in on your puppy too often. Get used to your puppy's sound, as different whining can mean various things, some of them good, some bad. If your puppy is already house trained, it may whine to be let out. Sudden yelping whining might mean your puppy has injured himself, and your immediate attention is required.

Some puppies will whine while you are eating, to show they want some of your food. The most important thing to remember is not to give in to the whining. Praise your puppy during their quiet times, as that will reinforce the need to be quiet and obedient.

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