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OK, you've decided to buy a dog
While we are all being caught up in the frenzy of Christmas shopping, we might just happen to forget...
Snail and slug pellets may usually be advertised as "pet safe
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Our pets are curious creatures, and this can often lead us into trouble
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Recently I brought a harness for my pet cat (who is an indoor pet) in an attempt to encourage regu...
2 answers
I have a family member who used to breed quails and bantams
1 answer
Have you ever noticed your cat with a bit of bleeding from the nose? Several possible causes of fel...
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It's no secret that dogs love exercise, however it can be hard to work a walk into to the space of a...
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Dogs and cats can suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension just like we do
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Chocolate contains a compound chemical that is toxic dogs and cats called theobromine
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Have you ever insured a pet before? What did it cover and have you ever received any kind of pay o...
3 answers
Have you ever had an "exotic" pet (something other than a dog, cat, bird or fish)? If so, did you ...
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When we bring a new dog into our home we place a great deal of emphasis on forming a bond with it
Christmas can be a stressful time for families, with extra financial pressure and travelling to far ...
As a die-hard cat lover, I can say that felines arenít always the easiest pets
Dogs and people can live together in a happy and positive relationship
Have you been wondering what to do when you are going on holidays, do you hate the fuss and bother r...
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These days people are very familiar with reading the nutritional information on the back of the food...
When we think of dogs and bones we automatically think the two go hand in hand, however we don't oft...
As an owner of two cats and one supersized puppy, I have become a bit of an expert on keeping carpet...
I have been buying Kong Dog toys for my dogs for the last few years
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When we adopt or purchase a new pet, they automatically become a massive part of our lives and reall...
Christmas is a time when we all eat foods that we may not have at other times of the year Ė and of c...
Not many of us have the exact details of when our pet was born, it's just guess work
5 answers
From my own experience of entering pet shops and supermarkets to ask for information on products...
7 answers
When I heard about PlaqueOff for Dogs from a colleague of mine at the start of this year, I thought ...
Nowadays there are so many vet recommended special diets for pets to combat all sorts of health pr...
3 answers
I think we have all heard horror stories of owners giving their pet medicine that was prescribed o...
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