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How to Sleep with a Dog on Your Bed

by Jen Higgins (follow)
Jen Higgins www.doggydogma.com.au www.askthedogtrainer.com.au

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When I first meet a client for dog training, there is one question that can fill them with dread - "where does your dog sleep?" I can tell the answer just from the look on the owners face, when an expression of guilt and shame washes over their face, and they meekly state "On the bed with me" generally followed up with "I know it isn't right".

I want to let you know that you are allowed to have your dog on the bed. They are not going to loose respect for you, and it is not the reason that they don't listen to you and fail to do what they are told. Lack of communication and training is what is lacking - not your dog having a nap beside you.

It always helps however to have a few guidelines to help you all get along and get some sleep:

1. Are you comfortable? Please don't sacrifice your comfort and actual sleep for your dog. If your dog is a space hog and it is distracting from your ability to sleep soundly and comfortably, then your dog needs to move.

2. Teach your dog to move when asked. This is not an inherent dog behaviour - you do need to help them learn what you want. I would encourage you to teach your dog the cue "Touch", this is a simple exercise where your dog learns to touch your hand with their nose for a treat. Then you can teach them to move toward your hand for a treat, and like magic you now have an easy way to get your dog to move - no need for man-handling your dog.

3. Is your dog waking you up at night? Unless your dog needs to go to the toilet, or their is an intruder in your house - there are no excuses for waking you up. I would at this time be looking at using a crate to teach my dog that it should be asleep at appropriate times, then once it is used to the pattern of when to be asleep - which may take months - I would then I would let them have more freedom to come to bed.

So there you have it - you can share your bed with your dog, without fear that they are going to overrun your house. Have a few guidelines and boundaries, for your own sleep sanity, and you will have the best hot water bottle laying next to you this winter.

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My 2 year old used to sleep on my bed but lately she hasn't want to so she starts sleeping in her doggy bed and about 4-5am every morning she will come to me to pick her up so that she can sleep on the bed. Any reason for this?
I found that the relationship I had with my Shar Pei improved once I allowed him to sleep on the bed. My Pei was very aloof towards me but now after sleeping on my bed he has become more attentive and whilst he still can be aloof ( he is a SharPei) he has become more affectionate and looks forward to his bed time ritual of treats and pats.
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