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How To Read Your Pet Food Packet

by Jen Higgins (follow)
Jen Higgins www.doggydogma.com.au www.askthedogtrainer.com.au
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These days people are very familiar with reading the nutritional information on the back of the food packets of the food that they buy for themselves.


Did you know that your Pet Food packets also have nutritional information as well? Most pet owners are unaware of this, and they are unaware of what to look for to ensure they are getting the best for their pet.

Here are some things to look for so you know you are getting the best for your pet:

1. What meat is it?
You are looking for meat or meat meal - this means that they are using actual pieces of meat (meat meal is dried and ground). On the other hand "meat by products" are parts that are left over from the butchering process and includes bones, hooves, beaks and more, but less muscle meat.


2. What is the Filler?
Wheat, Grains, Corn, Rice - generally the cheaper the filler the cheaper the food. Some fillers may lead to allergies in some dogs. If the filler is the top ingredient in your ingredient list then this means there is more filler than meat.

3. What is the preservative?
Many of the premium pet foods use a natural food preservative (Rosemary), try to avoid foods that contain sulphur dioxide and sodium and potassium sulphite preservatives as they can lead to Vitamin B1 deficiency.


Take your time to learn about your pets food and you will benefit from a happy healthy pet.

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