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How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan

by Finy (follow)
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Following is a lengthy video that I thought might interest some people who have not seen the Cesar Millan series.

His work is incredible though much as I have tried some of his methods, most of them do not work for me.

It has been suggested that I stop treating my dogs as people as they are not. This OF COURSE comes from non animal lovers!

I once had a German Shorthair Pointer that had been trained by a man and he had entered him into Australian trials etc. and won several times.

This dog (Barron -pictured below) was so well trained when I was given him, that the owner just moved his finger a certain way, and the dog brought his slippers.

Barron at about 11 years old

It was quite unbelievable for me, who is not good at training, and I rubbed my hands in glee, thinking at last I will have a well trained German Shorthair Pointer.

He was trained to have a "soft mouth" -i.e. to bring back the live animal, and what a laugh when he brought a big water rat to my partner who just ran backwards and didn't know what to do!

After about 6 months Barron was like my other dog and had lost much of the things he used to do so it is the owner and not the dog who needs training.

He did however run the length of our 5 acres every Sunday morning to get the paper and it was after doing this one day that he collapsed and had to be put down.


Cesar Millan is a world expert on this and all other dog related problems, and I am always fascinated by his expertise.

He can "fix" any rogue dog and watching his own dogs is just beautiful.

What do you think about Cesar Milan and his dog training methods? Do you agree that training is more about the owner than the dog? Leave us a comment to share your thoughts.

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