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How do I stop my dog from stinking?

by You Lucky Dog (follow)
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Our dog spends a lot of time with us in the house. It would be great if she didn't smell so much like a dog.

What tips can we use to help control her natural eau de chien (also know as "My goodness, what is that smell?!).

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Do pet odour sprays actually work? Or do they just make your dog sneezy, stinky mess? How do you stop your dog from stinking?

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Top Answers
Wash your dog at least once a week and feed them a good quality dry food. Sometimes the reason dogs smell is because of the food they eat such as canned dog food with lots of preservatives and scrap meats. Try a fresh meat diet or just dry biscuits.
Having a smelly dog often has to do with diet. Buying quality food is the number one way to stop your dog from getting stinky. Bathing a dog is important but bathing too often can cause skin problem.
I purchased a "Zero Pet Ordour" spray recommended by a local groomer. I was a bit wary as it had no ingredients listed on the bottle but claimed to be a "Natural Formula with Australian Essential Oils". It does smell great and helps with the pet smell both direct on fur and in the dog bed.

BUT, it causes my poor dog to have the worst sneezing attacks. After I got home I found that the brand, KraMar, is now owned by Purina. Not sure if the formulations have changed but I would not recommend this one. Maybe I can use it on smelly sports shoes instead.
Dogs should have that natural 'outdoors' smell. I love it when my dog comes in from being out in the garden and she has picked up lots of natural fresh scents. If a dog spends too much time indoors - and especially in a dog bed, they can begin to smell a bit off. My dog's bedding is easily removed and washed, and I air the cushions regularly. When they get a bit too grungy I replace them. This helps a lot with her 'bodily freshness.'
Dog odour sprays only mask the dog's odour and some of them smell worse than the dog! They don't prevent odours and when they wear off the dog will still smell doggy.

Ways to prevent/control doggy odour are (briefly):
1. A healthy, natural diet.
2 Regular grooming.
3. Give the dog a bath - but not too often.
4. Long coated breeds (e.g. Pekingese) can retain faeces and urine in their hair and may need a regular rear end wash or some of their hair clipped away.
5. Ensure your dog is healthy. Problems such as infected ears, tooth and gum disease, weeping eyes, infected anal glands, skin problems, diabetes, liver or kidney problems etc. can all produce unpleasant odours.
6. Wash your dogs bedding regularly.
7. Vacuum carpets and soft furnishings regularly as they trap and retain odours.
8. Whenever the weather is not too hot or cold, open all the widows in your house and let some fresh air blow through.
I add a half cup of white vinegar to the rinse water when I bath my small dog.
I bath him once a week and have found it keeps him stink free.
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