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Homemade Sweet Potato Treats

by Gwen (follow)
Gwen O'Toole is the director of a boutique event management and creative services company, The Ideas Library. Visit www.TheIdeasLibrary.com.au
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I've spotted sweet potato treats in specialty pet shops before and wondered how easy (and not to mention healthier) they'd be to make at home. SO I did a bit of research and as it turns out, they are easier than easy to make. And crazy cheap too.

sweet potato treat shop bought
Sweet potato treats in the pet shops and markets can be costly and full of preservatives- here's how to make your own.

These delicious treats are a huge hit with my dog and the recipe can be adjusted to make them as chewy or crunchy as your pet likes them.

All you need to make these delicious doggy treats is 2 or 3 large sized sweet potatoes. This should be enough to last for a week for one larger dog or longer for a smaller dog.

How to make them:
• Preheat oven to 120- 130 Celsius
• Scrub the sweet potato. No need to peel.
• Cut it into thin slices (the thinner the slice the shorter the cooking time and crispier it'll go) and place on a cookie sheet in a single layer.

I've cut the potato in round slices for smaller dogs to make smaller round treats or cut in long strips length-wise to make a jerky like strip for bigger dogs.

• Bake in oven for about 3 hours for slightly chewy treats or bake slightly longer to get them crunchy.

Note: timing will vary according to the thickness of your slices; just keep an eye on them. Or, better yet, if you have a food dehydrator, pop them in there instead of the oven.

sweet potato treat shop bought
Cut them lengthwise to get a 'jerky style treat or in round circles for smaller sized treats for smaller dogs.

Just remember the thinner the slice the faster it will cook and the crunchier it will turn out, so instead of a chew it will be more like a chip.

The great thing about these are that they are healthy, you know exactly what's in them and they are a great sweet treat for your pet!

Do you make your own pet food or treats? I’d love to hear some of your recipes!

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